October 25, 1998

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October 25, 1998 25 Years Ago Dr. Pullen Addresses P.T.A. On School Needs—Approximately 600 parents and teachersmet at the Westminster High School on Wednesday night to show their interest in the proposed school loan to be voted upon next month, and to hear Dr. Thomas G. Pullen. State Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Pullen discussed the educational [...]

October 18, 1998

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October 18, 1998 25 Years Ago A New School For N. Carroll And A Review Of Key Needs—While $8,181,000 was being accepted as the low bid by Charles J. Frank Inc. for the new North Carroll High School last week at the school board meeting, Francis Scott Key received a boost of sorts for an auditorium [...]

October 11, 1998

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October 11, 1998 25 Years Ago Council Cracks Down On Union Bridge 'Raceway' — At a special meeting of the Union Bridge council called Monday night, officials decided the town had had enough of rowdy adolescents and their loud cars. Outlining their three main problem areas as loud mufflers, squealing wheels, and foul language and general [...]

October 4, 1998

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October 4, 1998 25 Years Ago Vandals Wreck Park Fireplaces—Several weeks ago unidentified youngsters broke up four of the brick fireplaces at the community playground in Hampstead. "Many hours of time are put in by the Lion members to make the playground enjoyable," according to Dick Murray, a member of the playground committee. The Lions Club, [...]

September 27, 1998

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September 27, 1998 25 Years Ago Physical Education Dominates School Curriculum Hearing—Representatives from three counties spoke out against dropping Physical Education as a required course in public high schools in Maryland at a hearing on a proposed revision of high school curriculum Monday. Many of the suggested changes in curriculum were revolutionary, such as: doing away [...]

September 20, 1998

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September 20, 1998 25 Years Ago YMCA Programs Open In Tennis, Swimming, Yoga—W. Norris Weis, program chairman for the Carroll County YMCA, has announced fitness programs of interest to "Y" members and area residents. The Hatha method of Yoga has been scheduled for beginners by Mrs. Audrey Edgett. Banish the tensions, frustrations, and anxieties of the [...]

September 13, 1998

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September 13, 1998 25 Years Ago Price Hike Expected For School Lunches—The Carroll County School Board was warned again at this month's meeting that the price of school lunches will almost certainly have to be raised due to the ever-increasing cost of food. Price of school lunches was held at $.45 cents when school started in [...]

September 6, 1998

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September 6, 1998 25 Years Ago State Police Recruiting Females—The Maryland State Police will shortly have a new look - as a pilot program utilizing a limited number of females trained as Troopers gets underway. These women will have full police powers and will be assigned in specialized areas of law enforcement throughout the state. Applicants [...]

August 30, 1998

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August 30, 1998 25 Years Ago Two More $1,000 Winners Sought For Special Runoff—A search is on for two $1,000 State Lottery winners who are eligible to participate in a special runoff drawing September 10 to become a $50,000 winner. According to James P. Slicher, Director of the Lottery the two are among 18 persons who [...]

August 23, 1998

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August 23, 1998 25 Years Ago Smoking OK Extended—The Carroll County School Board, at a special meeting last week, extended the High School student smoking policy, at least until December when they will again review the issue. The decision by the Board to extend the present policy was based on reports that followed a one year [...]


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