December 13, 1998

25 Years Ago

Energy Crisis Hurting Gas, Car Dealers Here – Gas Stations Consider Night Time Closing— The changes wrought by the energy crisis generally have been subtle so far, resulting in minor
inconveniences. But it is a many tentacled beast that will edge its way into practically every nook and cranny of our lives. For the residents of the Hampstead – Manchester area it is possible to be more specific. If to be forewarned is to be forearmed, here’s some of what residents here can expect. Most of the mess we’re in is due to (that messy stuff) oil. And its shortage is going to hit us right where it hurts – in the gas tanks. Local gas stations have basically one problem. They have less gas than they had last year and they have more customers to give it to. The Carroll Record, December 13, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Carroll County On The Map—From Balto. Sun Dec. 5. – Fear of a Communist raid on his home led Whittaker Chambers to hide microfilms of highly secret State Department documents in a
pumpkin on his farm in Bachman’s Valley, known as the Clinton Thomas property and along the state road, Chambers said. He said he and his family were away from home so much he was afraid Communists might visit the farm during an absence and steal the microfilms. Mr. Chambers, now an editor of Time magazine and an admitted former Russian agent, said the Government documents were intended to go to the Russian Government but that they never reached Soviet hands. He did not identify the source of the microfilm copies, but apparently they were films of State Department papers which were stolen from the files and later returned. The microfilms came into his possession about ten years ago, he said, at about the time he first considered “quitting the Communist party.” Indicating that the microfilms had been brought to his farm only recently, Mr. Chambers said they had been kept in Brooklyn, N. Y. Where in Brooklyn they had been hidden and how long they were there he did not disclose. Democratic Advocate, December 10, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Officer Miller, the traffic policeman stationed at Westminster, was injured near Mount Pleasant Sunday evening. He was on his motorcycle in pursuit of a speeding twin-six Packard, alleged to have been running at a rate of 68 miles per hour. As the officer gained on the Packard a man on the rear seat threw an old tire out in front of the officer’s motor. He was thrown quite a distance. His body was bruised and cut and his clothes torn. He fired four shots after the car but none took effect as they kept going. The officer could not get the license number on account of the darkness.Democratic Advocate, December 14, 1923.

100 Years Ago

An Intellectual Treat—On Thursday evening, December 1st., a large and appreciative audience gathered in Reed’s Hall at Eldersburg for the purpose of hearing Dr. Kennedy, an eminent
physician of Wilmington, Delaware. His subject was the effect of alcohol on the human body. The doctor is an ardent advocate of the doctrine of that abstinence and his lecture was much enjoyed by all present. An especial feature of the lecture was the introduction of many humorous incidents, illustrating the difficulty of breaking from the alcoholic habit. Besides being a skillful physician and a temperance advocate, Dr. Kennedy is an enthusiastic phrenologist and on Friday evening he gave an informal talk on that subject in Reed’s Hall. No doubt there are among us the germs of great poets and philosophers and warriors and it may be Dr. Kennedy’s mission to discover and bring out their latent capabilities. Democratic Advocate, December 10, 1898.