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3rd Grade Tours

The Education Committee of the Historical Society of Carroll County has developed interactive lessons to support the 3rd grade Common Core Standards. The lessons highlight what life was like 200 years ago and provide experiential opportunities in the Sherman-Fisher-Shellman House. Students will have the opportunity to see authentic Carroll County artifacts and participate in activities that illustrate how people, places and events have changed the County’s history over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make arrangements to use the kit?
To reserve the kit, contact the Historical Society of Carroll County’s curator, Cathy Baty, at 410-848-6494, ext. 203 or Cathy@HSCCmd.org. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

How long can I have the kit?
The kit is available for one-week use.

Is there a charge for the kit?
There is a $20 fee for use of the kit. Users are also responsible for replace costs for any items that are lost or damaged.

How do I get the kit?
Users are responsible for picking up and returning the kit to the Historical Society of Carroll County at 210 East Main Street, Westminster. The Society cannot deliver or ship the kit.

Pick-up and drop-off times will be scheduled when making a reservation. If the kit is not returned on time and forces the cancellation of another reservation, an additional $20 fee will be charged.

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