November 29, 1998

25 Years Ago

Radio, TV, Auto Club Aid Car Pool Formation—WJZ-TV 13 has joined forces with WFBR Radio and the Automobile Club of Maryland to form the “COMMUTER COMPUTER CAR-POOL CLUB”, according to Stephen D. Seymour, General Manager of WJZ-TV, and Harry Shriver, President and General Manager of WFBR Radio. “This public service campaign marks the first major effort by the Baltimore metropolitan private sector to help alleviate transportation problems and respond to the energy crisis currently facing the nation,” stated Mr. Seymour. The campaign will be implemented through massive advertising and on-air television and radio promotion. Citizens will be invited to send in for questionnaires, which will subsequently be fed into the Automobile Club of Maryland’s computer. The computer will analyze the data and match persons sharing the same commuting needs. The Carroll Record, November 29, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Demand For Yellow Margarine—The battle for yellow margarine is on the rampage again and all signs seem in favor of margarine tax repeal. This subject will not be a new one to many members of Congress, for during the 80th Congress of House of Representatives voted to repeal these taxes and it was only lack of time which prevented the Senate from acting. It was a touch and go battle, though, from start to finish. The House Agriculture Committee pigeon-holed all margarine legislation and it was by means of a Discharge Petition, signed by a majority of the House, that a bill was brought to the Floor for a vote. A united consumer campaign, backed by radio and newspapers, will fight for yellow margarine, just as before. No doubt that butter interests will bring out all the old weapons to try to protect butter in the guise of “protecting” consumers. But at last American consumers are wise. With the manufacture, packaging and labeling of margarine under the supervision of the Pure Food and Drug Administration, they know there is no danger of fraud. Consumers like margarine for the delicious nutritious and economical product that it is. They want yellow margarine and we hope they get it! The Pilot, November 26, 1948.

75 Years Ago

GETTYSBURG ACADEMY LOSES—The Western Maryland freshmen on Hoffa Field here Saturday afternoon shutout Gettysburg Academy, 33 to 0. In the first period neither side scored and it looked like anybody’s game until after the middle of the second period, which Luckey, Gettysburg’s plucky and speedy quarterback, while making an heroic end run, was so seriously injured that he had to leave the game. After that Barney Spears’ Colts literally ran circles around the Pennsylvania’s. The first touchdown was made when Hurley intercepted a forward pass on Maryland’s 35-yard line, Merrill, in three runs carrying the pigskin for 30 yards and Hitchens putting it across. Merrill kicked goal. The second touchdown was made in the third period by a neat forward pass for 10 yards. Hitchens to Stone and the third by Merrill’s long forward pass to Portz. The fourth touchdown came quickly in the fourth, with successive runs by Hitchens. Hurley and Merrill totaling 49 yards. Merrill made the fifth touchdown after intercepting a forward pass, capturing the ball and ran for 35 yards for the touchdown and then
kicked goal. Democratic Advocate, November 30, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Eldersburg Items—In the spring of ’98 Miss Emma Bennett, teacher of class No. 5, Wesley Chapel Sunday School presented each of her scholars with a chrysanthemum plant and promised a prize to the one who should have the best flower when the plants bloomed. The evening of November 11th was chosen for the “show.” The boys with their flowers gladly met at the home of their teacher, who, with the assistance of her sister Miss Elsie, received them in their usual cordial manner. After presenting their flowers, games, music and social conversation were indulged in until 10 o’clock, when all were invited to the diningroom, where sandwiches, cake, fruit, tea, coffee and chocolate were served. One young (?) gentleman showed peculiar taste for “mixed drink” that being a combination of tea, coffee and chocolate, which he drank to the health of those present. The prize was awarded to William Martin, of Eldersburg. Democratic Advocate, November 26, 1898.