The Historical Society of Carroll County invites families to a “Hold Your Horses” Scavenger Hunt. We are asking families to drive all over Carroll County and visit towns to see if you can find the pictures of Hitching Posts for horses and Permanent steps for coaches and wagons that we shared. Once you discover the treasure, write the location of it on the last page of the Treasure Hunt Document . When done, take a picture of  your answers and email it to All participants will receive a prize. The winners with the most answers and maybe bonus pictures, will receive the grand prizes. You do not have to find all the sites in order to play. This is a fun learning experience! Please click on the link below to begin your adventure and print the Scavenger Hunt. On your mark, get set, GO!! All answers must be turned in by August 29th, no exceptions

None of the scavenger hunt locations have been verified as original. This is a fun, family oriented project created by volunteer Wendy Raith.

Click here for a printable PDF

There were many stagecoaches, wagons and horses in the 19th century. Let’s go on a scavenger hunt and see how many hitching posts and permanent wagon steps you can find. Go on a family ride and visit the town listed to see if you can find the hitching post to tie up your horse or steps to assist women and children into a wagon. Write down the location when you find one.



1. Hitching Post

2. Hitching Post

3. Pavement Hitching

4. Permanent Step










Union Bridge:                                                                                                                         

5. A Hitching Post

5. B Permanent Step











6. Hitching Post Rail for Many Horses








Linwood: In the Same Place 

7 A. Step Platform

7. B Hitching Post










New Windsor:  Find Original Site

People/Horse Fountain

8. Original Location










Uniontown:  There are many hitching posts to find in this town. Find our sites, and then, see if you can find more as a bonus and share it with us.

9. hitching post

10. hitching post

11. Hitching Fence for Several horses

12. hitching post



HSCC Scavenger Hunt ANSWERS

Name: __________________

Phone Number: _______________

Email: _______________

Number of people in the party:  ____

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Bonus Places                                                                                                                                                                  Send to