September 20, 1998

25 Years Ago

YMCA Programs Open In Tennis, Swimming, Yoga—W. Norris Weis, program chairman for the Carroll County YMCA, has announced fitness programs of interest to “Y” members and area
residents. The Hatha method of Yoga has been scheduled for beginners by Mrs. Audrey Edgett. Banish the tensions, frustrations, and anxieties of the day through the physical and mental discipline which Yoga teaches. The Carroll Record, September 20, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Gov. Lane Speaker At Opening – Held In New Auction Building Saturday Evening – Over 200 Inspect Building—Governor Lane helped dedicate the new home of the Westminster Co-Operative Poultry Products Auction on Saturday evening, describing the building as “a monument to enterprise.” He praised organizers for establishing what has become central Maryland’s largest center for the handling of eggs and meat chickens. “Through it, I understand, new markets have been opened to the farmers of Carroll county and that it is not at all unlikely that an egg laid in Carroll county today will be on a breakfast table in New York by Monday or Tuesday,” Lane said. The auction building “is a monument to the enterprise of a group of men who understood what their businesses needed and, through their own efforts, set out to get it,” Lane said. “This accomplishment is to believe, a fair sample of what has made the agricultural communities of America the backbone of our great nation,” he added. Democratic Advocate, September 17, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Located His Horn And Party Who Sold It—When John Brown went to the garage in which he keeps his automobile last Sunday morning he found that some one had removed the horn. After
making inquiries at the various garages in town, he left on a trip, and having occasion to stop at a garage in Woodsboro, he made inquiry there. He was told that a horn answering this description had been bought a day or two before from a party and upon producing it Mr. Brown identified it as his. They immediately made a trip to the home of the person who had sold it who, it is thought, hid when he saw them approaching his home, when word was left for him to come to the garage upon his return and adjust the matter. He complied, but had several conflicting stories as to where he had gotten the horn. Democratic Advocate, September 21, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Railroad Accident at Hampstead—A special excursion train on the Baltimore and Harrisburg Division of the Western Maryland Railroad struck a covered spring wagon, driven by Mr.
David Shaeffer, a huckster, at the crossing at the north end of Hampstead, about 11 o’clock Monday morning. The force of the collision threw the wagon about twenty feet from the track. Watson Shaeffer, aged 35 years, a son of Mr. Shaeffer, was also in the wagon, and both were thrown out with great force. The skull of Mr. Shaeffer was fractured directly above the eye, his forehead was cut and his back was hurt. He also received some internal injuries, but his injuries are not fatal and he is improving. The son was bruised and injured severely, but his condition is not dangerous. Both father and son are some what deaf, and it is thought they did not hear the approach of the train. The engineer observed the vehicle and the whistle was blown a number of times, but the occupants paid no attention to it. When the wagon was struck the horse was walking slowly. David Shaeffer is about sixty years old. About four years
ago he had four ribs fractured in a railroad collision at the crossing at Glyndon and was severely injured. Democratic Advocate, September 17, 1898.