The Historical Society of Carroll County provides two scholarships for Carroll County students in partnership with the Community Foundation of Carroll County: The Mike Eaton Scholarship and the Jay A. Graybeal Scholarship.

The Mike Eaton Scholarship is to honor the memory of William Granville “Mike” Eaton, English teacher at Westminster High School from 1935 to 1971, by awarding a student scholarship and through recognition of outstanding teachers.

The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior from Westminster High School, based on an essay about that student’s most influential teacher. That teacher will also be recognized through this scholarship.

The Historical Society of Carroll County displays a room at Cockey’s to Mr. Eaton, the room in which he lived for over 25 years. Funds and memories are being collected to continue to recognize Mr. Eaton at the Historical Society and through this scholarship.

To apply for the Eaton Scholarship, click here.

The Jay A. Graybeal Scholarship is named in honor of former HSCC Executive Director, Jay A. Graybeal, now the Chief Curator of the U.S. Heritage Museum in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This scholarship is open to college- bound high school, undergraduate and graduate students who are residents of Carroll County for at least one year. Students must be majoring in history or any specialty area of study in history to include but not limited to; museums, archival, library, historic preservation, material culture, American studies, archaeology, anthropology, art of architectural history or preservation technology; or to students pursuing a recognized certification or apprentice program dedicated to traditional arts, industries, trades or crafts. Students must also demonstrate diverse interests, with special interests in areas of the humanities or sciences, and be involved in extracurricular or volunteer services to be eligible for this award.

To apply for the Jay A. Graybeal Scholarship, click here.

For more information about our scholarships or to obtain applications, please contact the Historical Society of Carroll County at 410-848-6494 or email to


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