Current Exhibits

Visit historic Cockey’s to see our permanent exhibit Time on our Hands which presents a brief history of timekeeping and includes pocket watches, mantel clocks, and 12 tall case clocks with Carroll County roots. See our temporary exhibit, Breaking Barriers 1920 which highlights the beginning of national prohibition and the passage of the 19th Amendment which granted women the vote. The exhibit examines the role of Carroll County women in these two leading social movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The exhibit also includes short video interviews of current local female leaders who continue to break barriers today!

Coming Soon: Strike Up the Band!

Exhibit opening on Sunday, July 16th during our Sundae Scoop event.

About the Society’s Collection

HSCC works with objects relating to the history and culture of Carroll County, MD, a region settled in the early 18th-century by Pennsylvania Germans and Tidewater English emigrants. The collection is somewhat richer in material relating to Westminster, the largest town and the county seat, but the collection includes significant objects from throughout the County. The combined collection contains approximately 40,000 items dating from the settlement period to the present. These include almost 25,000 documents in the manuscript collection and over 5,000 photographs. Of the Society’s 9,000 three-dimensional holdings, the greatest numbers are in the textile category (3,000 artifacts), including clothing dating to the 1830s and quilts; ceramics and glass (1,000 artifacts), including a collection of locally-produced redware; furniture (500 artifacts), including examples of Baltimore furniture; and eleven tall clocks made in Carroll County and southern Pennsylvania. The collection includes objects that document local businesses and institutions.

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