April 27, 1997

25 Years Ago

Council Uncovers 1884 Ordinance To Protect Union Bridge Signs—The Union Bridge Council has located an 1884 ordinance which Officer Francis McCann will enforce against persons
damaging town signs. “I want something to back me up” the officer told the town council April 24. He described how signs are being bent and mutilated, some as fast as they are being put up. According to the officer, a sign at Broadway and Main Street has been turned in the wrong direction, others have had bolts removed so as to make the signs hang upside down, and one behind the community center is riddled with 22 gauge rifle holes. The council thoroughly agreed that parents should be held responsible for their child’s vandalism and pay for the damage. However, Officer McCann said that he had not been able to find an ordinance specifically covering vandalism of signs. Mrs. Irene Williar, town clerk, searched the code book and found one which specified signs and enforced a $10 fine. It was dated 1884, but usable, nevertheless and all future violators will be expected to pay, not only the fine but the cost of replacing the sign, as well. The Carroll Record, April 27, 1972.

50 Years Ago

Schools To Operate On Daylight Savings—After careful consideration it has been announced from the office of the Board of Education of Carroll County that the public schools of the
county will operate on and after April 28 on daylight-saving time. This decision is reached due to the fact that practically all of the county towns are changing to the daylight-saving schedule. Buses will therefore operate according to the present schedule and the use of daylight-saving time will be general in the county schools. Democratic Advocate, April 25, 1947.
75 Years Ago The Carroll County Pageant—On Saturday afternoon, June 10, the New Athletic Bowl will be formerly dedicated not only to Western Maryland College but to all of Carroll  County. The event will be celebrated by a beautiful festival of peace called “The Sheathing of The Sword.” Watching the pageant, on the hillside around the bowl, there will be seated people from Carroll and sister counties of the state. Every day messages are coming in from people in Salisbury, Snow Hill and Easton, from Frederick, Hagerstown and Cumberland, from Baltimore and Washington saying that we may expect full cars from there to witness “The Sheathing of The Sword.” Messages have also come from people in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey. Old students, former residents of the county, acquaintances and some who never even heard of Carroll county, before. Representatives are expected from the Pan American Union and the American Peace Societies. The flags for one episode are being loaned through the courtesy of The Pan American Union. Everybody is wondering how in the wide world we have been able to assemble a cast of 1,000 from the college and county. Next time we’ll tell you. Democratic Advocate, April 28, 1922.

100 Years Ago

A blast from the North bore down on this section Monday night, sending down the mercury to 26 at 7 o’clock on Tuesday morning. The weather was cold all day Tuesday. Ice formed
Monday night and fruit buds were seriously damaged, it is thought. On Wednesday morning there was a heavy frost and ice formed in low places. This has been the coldest April for twenty years. In the West on Monday the mercury was down nearly to zero. Democratic Advocate, April 24, 1897.