Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun article for April 7, 2001

25 Years Ago    

Eisteddfod to Salute to Country’s Birth – The forty-ninth Eisteddfod, featuring musical and artistic talent from the Carroll County Public Schools, will be held on Fri., Apr. 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of Westminster High School.  The 1976 production will be built around a Bicentennial theme with a salute to the United States of America on our Country’s 200th Birthday.  The program will feature the music for which America is famous.  Folk music, spirituals, patriotic songs and contemporary selections will be among the offerings from the student musicians.  Selections from some of the great names in American music including Francis Scott Key, Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, and John Denver will be featured throughout the evening.  Sykesville Herald, April 7, 1976.

50 Years Ago

Civilian Defense Meeting Held – Col. MacLaughlin Explained The Red Cross Services Committee Chairmen Announced – Carroll County Civil Defense chiefs and deputies met Wednesday night at the call of the county director, Warfield Babylon, and the co-director, Capt. John Magin.  The meeting was held in the control room in the second floor of the Firemen’s building.  The purpose of the meeting was to inform the county workers how to set-up their own operative organization and to follow the pattern already functioning over the state.  Explanation was made of the coordination of the air raid wardens and the civil defense auxiliary police, as their duties will be a combination of each branch of service and activity.  Democratic Advocate, April 6, 1951.

75 Years Ago

Wednesday delegations from New Windsor, Sykesville and Manchester appeared before the County Commissioners asking for the erection of high school buildings.  They were informed that requests for school buildings must come through the Board of Education.  The law fixes the levy for schools and it is up to the Board of Education to take care of school buildings through its budget, subject to the review and veto by the County Commissioners.  The board told the delegation that to grant their request the tax rate would have to be raised to over $2.00.   American Sentinel, April 9, 1926.

100 Years Ago           

School Examiner Simpson has issued a circular to the teachers of the public schools of this county, requesting them to provide immediately for a proper observance of “Arbor and Bird Day.”  He expresses warm interest in the subject and says “it is difficult to estimate how much this country would be benefited by increasing the number of trees and birds, and how much it is damaged by a willful destruction of both.”  He urges the teachers to “let the exercises be such as will create sentiment on this subject and fix the attention of pupils and parents on the many advantages to be gained by taking care of our forests, shade trees and shrubbery, and also of our beautiful and useful birds, the merry songsters of our groves.”  He directs that, if weather or other circumstances interfere with holding these exercises on the day designated, the 12th inst., the last day of the term shall be taken for the purpose.  There are few thoughtful people who will not concur in Prof. Simpson’s views on this subject.   American Sentinel, April 6, 1901.