Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun article for August 13, 2000

25 Years Ago           

Town Officials Discuss Park —  At the meeting of the Town Council held Monday night at the Town Hall, the main subject for discussion was the proposed park for Mt. Airy.  As proposed, the 4.6 acre park to be located on Prospect Road would provide a picnic area, a playground area, pond, etc.  Mrs. Eugenia Gartrell, a well-known local resident who attended the meeting, stated she is concerned about the proposed location.  She stated she knew the area very well, having grown up in it, and that she would not allow her children to go to a park that is isolated. Chairman DeLaine Hobbs agreed with Mrs. Gartrell and said it might be wise to look for a better location.  Charles Beck, resident of Mt. Airy, indicated he would favor looking into the possibility of a tennis court and for a municipal pool, in lieu of a park, for Mt. Airy.   Community Reporter, August 8, 1975

50 Years Ago   

Dutch Picnic Makes History — Only Two People Living Who Attended First Gathering Back in 1876 – The present spell of fair, dry weather continued last Saturday for the holding of the 74th Dutch Picnic, making it possible for this well-known Carroll county midsummer affair to keep its record of good weather except on three occasions.  One of the largest crowds in recent years was in attendance, estimated to be more than 5,000 people.  This picnic has been held annually the first Saturday in August since 1877 on the picnic grounds of Trinity Lutheran Church, Deer Park Road, near Smallwood.  Many were again in the crowd who have an unbroken record of attendance covering fifty to seventy years.  Two were present at the picnic for the 74th time:  Charles H. Niner, 85, of Bird Hill, who as a boy of twelve years helped to clear the woods for the first picnic; and Mrs. Louisa Mengel, 79, also of Bird Hill who gave a recitation at the first picnic.  Two years ago, there were five people present who had attended all the picnics, but death has thinned their ranks.  David A. Arnold, of Eastview, and William Arnold, of Reese, died before last year’s picnic, and Mrs. R. B. Williams, of Bloom, died before this year’s picnic.   Democratic Advocate, August 11, 1950

75 Years Ago            

Westminster Chautauqua Opens Today – Genuine Swiss musicians.  Appear in picturesque native mountain attire.  Sing Swiss Yodel songs in English translations; folk songs, choruses and numerous ditties.   Includes Henry Marchetti, Manager, and Martha Marchetti, contralto, Constantin Wunderle, zither player, and Jack Jost, solo yodler, both formerly of the New York Hippodrome, and Mitzi Admont, soprano and imitator of musical instruments.  Feature the famous and realistic Swiss echo song.  A truly jolly group of wholesome folks, whom you will like on sight.   Democratic Advocate, August 14, 1925

100 Years Ago          

Baseball – Mr. Editor:– We desire to correct a communication published in your paper in regard to a game of ball played between the Bird Hill and Westminster Junior Baseball Clubs, July 21st.  Instead of any one of the Bird Hill players having been purposely hit by a ball thrown by one of the Juniors, the fact is that a Bird Hill player jumped deliberately in front of the only thrown ball by which any of them was hit.  The published account of the game was also wrong as to the score.  The score stood 4 to 4 when the game was stopped on account of a dispute.  The Bird Hills had batted and the Westminsters were at the bat in the last half of the ninth inning, with no outs and a player on third base, when the dispute arose.  When the game was stopped all the advantages were in favor of the Juniors with a tie score.  The Juniors having never been beaten claim the championship of the county for their age and issue an open challenge to any club whose ages are between 14 and 18.  We would like to hear from the Hampstead Juniors.  Wm. B. Babylon, Captain.   American Sentinel, August 11, 1900