Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun article for August 20, 2000

25 Years Ago

Over 17,000 Pupils Will Ride Carroll Busses During 1975-76 School Year Which Begins Tuesday, September 2 – Carroll County Public Schools are scheduled to open on Tuesday, September 2, and according to Leo F. Kuhn, Director of Pupil Transportation, approximately 17,300 pupils will be riding school buses on a daily basis.  The 180 buses will travel an estimated 13,000 miles each day making over 800 separate trips. These buses have all been thoroughly safety inspected and certified in readiness for the opening of school.  Also, school bus drivers have had the benefit of various safety programs presented by the Pupil Transportation Division.  In conjunction with the opening of school, the first week of September has been designated as National School Bus Safety Week.  The Carroll County Board of Education reminds the public that our buses travel the streets, roads, and highways every school day of the year.   Community Reporter, August 15, 1975   

 50 Years Ago            

Westminster High to Have Over 1,000 Enrollment – Included among the pupils transferred to Westminster High School in this week’s registration were boys and girls from widely scattered sections of the country as well as two from Germany, total enrollment for the year is expected to reach 1,050, compared with 839 last year.  To meet this increase, the number on the faculty has been raised to 45 teachers, and new rooms have been providedd for Science and Mechanical Drawing, supplementary to the rooms opened last spring in the newly constructed annex.  Last year’s faculty consisted of 35 members.  Of the 45 teachers, there are 16 new members.  The program will include a new course in agriculture and classes for the school’s first twelfth grade.  The football field will be equipped with a battery of 56 lights for the playing of night football, which will be introduced for the first time this year.  Democratic Advocate, August 18, 1950

75 Years Ago            

Is All Fishy – Eight of Isaac Walton’s tribe carted out of these diggins on Saturday afternoon with passports that called for Annapolis and then on the Chesapeake Bay where they “fished.”  Everyone was loaded down with bait that was guaranteed to make an old boot grab hold.  They arrived on time in charge of Edward L. Leister, who presented each one with a book on how to catch the big ones when the little ones escaped.  They all searched each page very closely and by the time the command was given to cast they were ready.  The story is that they “got ‘em.”  Well we suppose they did, but we haven’t heard anything about how many.  Of course some of them knew what water was but very doubtful if they knew what a rod and line was before.  This was the line up:  Edward Leister, Charles Bolllinger, Joseph S. Stoner, Fred. Jenkins,  Nevin C. Coppersmith, Abraham T. Shaffer, Edward Bell and William Bloom.   Democratic Advocate, August 21, 1925

100 Years Ago          

Messrs. J. W. Lockhard & Son, of this city, have introduced the first horseless carriage ever owned in this city and have given numbers of citizens the pleasure of a ride in the vehicle, which is yet a novelty here, although many of the same general description are in use in most of the large cities.  It is capable of being run at a high rate of speed, but its movements can be regulated to suit the will of the occupants.   American Sentinel, August 18, 1900