Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun article for February 4, 2001

25 Years Ago

Citizens of the Liberty High School Planning Committee presented the County Commissioners with a resolution Tuesday requesting that a moratorium be put on all residential building in the area surrounding the proposed school site.  The request came as a result of the state’s decision to defer construction funds for the school.  The citizens, represented by Ernest DiPalo, Elizabeth Gehr, Greg Pecoraro and Frank Miller, pointed out that area schools are already overcrowded and that 75 per cent of the student capacity of the proposed school already lives within a three mile radius of the site, and that enough students to fill the school to 100 per cent capacity live within 3 and a half mile radius.   The Herald, February 25, 1976.

50 Years Ago

The Carroll County Chapter of the American Red Cross moved its headquarters this week to the Historical House at 208 East Main Street.  Expanding activities of the Chapter require considerable more space than has been available heretofore.  The move makes rooms available for classes in first aid, home nursing and nurses’ aid work as well as committee and board meetings.  There also is room for the production and supply committee to meet and carry on its activities there as a group.  The telephone number remains the same – 212.  Democratic Advocate, February 2, 1951.

75 Years Ago

Two men apparently about 25 years of age, held up John Shaum, rural letter carrier, in his automobile, on the State road, near Johnsville, Frederick county, Monday and attempted to steal a pouch of mail.  He beat them off, one of whom he knocked from his car by a blow in the face, and made his escape.  Shaum, who lives in Taneytown, covers a route between Union Bridge and Libertytown.  When he stopped at the mail box of Harry Carter, a farmer, about half way between the two towns, two men wearing raincoats approached both sides of his car and asked to be given a “lift.”  He refused, whereupon one of the men jumped on the runningboard and tried to open the side door.  Shaum struck him, knocking him to the ground.  At the same time the other man opened the door on the opposite side of the car and grabbed the mail pouch.  Shaum made a move toward his hip pocket and threatened to “blow out his brains.”  The robber then released his hold on the pouch and jumped back in the road.  Shaum stepped on the gas and sped toward Libertytown.   American Sentinel, February 5, 1926.

100 Years Ago

The Store of Mr. Wm. Hood, at Mt. Airy, was burglarized one night this week and a common watch and revolver stolen.  Mr. Hood does not leave money in the store at night and the robbers, who were evidently after the cash, were disappointed.  They got into the store by breaking a plate glass window.   American Sentinel, February 2, 1901.