Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun article for January 7, 2001

25 Years Ago

Two Tennis Courts Approved for Town by Parks Board – Two tennis courts and a “multi-use” court have been approved by the Carroll County Parks Board for construction in Mt. Airy.  The Board’s recommendation must now go to the County Commissioners for final approval.  The request is for $40,000 of which about 75 percent would come from state and federal sources and about 25 percent from the county.   The courts are planned for an area below Mt. Airy Middle School which has at times been used as parking lots.  School administrators have approved use of the area.  The red and green “plexipave” asphalt courts would feature coin-operated lights.  The multi-use court would include two basketball hoops as well as painted lines for other games.   Community Reporter, January 2, 1976.

50 Years Ago

Big Yield Wins County Corn Crown — E. E. Billlinger, New Windsor, Raises 130.94 Bushels Per Acre in Hybrid Contest — A crop of 130.94 bushels per acre won the corn growing championship of Carroll county in the 1945 National DeKalb Hybrid Corn Growing Contest, it was learned recently.   Mr. E. E. Billings, of New Windsor, is the corn grower who has made this outstanding yield in this locality in competition with 5,700 farmers from 19 principal corn producing states, according to officials of this biggest corn yield competition.  Mr. Billings and several other farmers in this county certainly produced more than their share of another three billion bushel crop.  The county winner’s corn was grown by Hybrid No. 816.  His yield was checked by disinterested parties.  In recognition of his achievement the winner is being presented with an appropriate plaque by the DeKalb Agricultural Association.   Democratic Advocate, January 4, 1946.

75 Years Ago

A Raging Fire Discovered by Mr. Amprazo in His Restaurant – What might have terminated in a disastrous fire was discovered in the cellar of the American Restaurant by the proprietor, Mr. Thomas Amprazo Wednesday morning about 4:30 o’clock.  The restaurant was closed at its usual time about 2 a.m. and was opened at an early hour in the morning by Mr. Amprazo.   When the place was closed nothing unusual was noticed.  Mr. Amprazo opened his restaurant about 4:20 and as he entered the door he noticed smoke issuing from the kitchen.  He hurried into the direction of the smoke and found that a fire was raging in the cellar floor under the range.  He did not make any alarm, but grabbed a hose that he attached to a spigot near the ceiling entrance and groped his way through the smoke to the fire and extinguished the blaze.  A space about 6 feet square was burned in the floor.  In two hours the restaurant was opened for business.  The building is also occupied by Nusbaum & Jordan and Albaugh & Babylon Grocery Company.   Democratic Advocate, January 1, 1926.

100 Years Ago

A large force of workmen has been engaged for several days digging the trenches and laying the pipe between the pool of the Citizens’ Water Company and the reservoir.  The pipe at that point is eight inches in diameter and it is being placed three and a half feet below the surface of the ground to avoid all danger of frost.  The work on that end of the line may be completed this week, as it has been going forward rapidly.  Fifteen hundred feet of trench was dug in a single day.  As soon as all the pipe between the pool and reservoir shall be laid, the work of laying the pipe between the town and reservoir will be begun.  A ten-inch pipe will be laid on this portion of the line.   American Sentinel, January 5, 1901.