Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun Article for July 22, 2001

25 Years Ago

Fairhaven Sponsors Hope for November Groundbreaking – The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, the sponsor of the Fairhaven community for the elderly, is still hoping to break ground this November, but it has revamped its staging plan for construction.  According to project coordinator, the Rev. Wayne Moulder, a Presbyterian, the diocese has run into some constraints with the state Department of Economic and Community Development (EDC) from which it is seeking a grant.  Rev. Moulder said the EDC has a financial limitation of $5 ¾ million per grant application.  The Diocese had based its initial staging plan on an application submitted for $12 million.  As a result the Diocese will only be able to build 400 units in the initial stage.  It had planned for 600 units.   The Herald, July 21, 1976.

50 Years Ago

Red Cross Sponsoring Water Safety Course – The Red Cross Water Safety Course sponsored by the Carroll County Chapter opened at Meadowview Pool on July 16.  The course is available to swimmers, non-swimmers and intermediates.  Over two hundred children are registered from Taneytown, Uniontown, Union Bridge, Silver Run, Union Mills and vicinity.  The course is under the direction of Leslie M. Hamill, Water Safety Director and Jane Hughes, Jane Babylon, Mrs. Elizabeth Boyle Neal, instructors, and Gilman Willliar, Guard.  Mrs. Neal is serving the Chapter as a volunteer instructor for two weeks.   Democratic Advocate, July 27, 1951.

75 Years Ago

Southern M. E. Church at Mt. Airy Burned – Sunday night last, during a heavy thunderstorm the Methodist Episcopal church, South, at Mt. Airy, this county, was struck by lightning and burned down.  The congregation had not been out of the building but about 20 minutes when the stroke took place.  The building was erected at a cost of about $20,000, in the place of another one which also burned down about 12 years ago.  Rev. W. E. Canoles, the pastor, places the loss at $15,000.  The Independent Hose Company of Frederick, Md. responded promptly to a call for help and prevented the flames from spreading to buildings nearby which were in danger because of high winds.  Mt. Airy has no water supply the lack of which hindered the firemen.   American Sentinel, July 23, 1926.

100 Years Ago          

A company to manufacture rural mail boxes of the design patented by Mr. W. W. Sweigart, of York Road, was incorporated in Frederick county, on the 22nd inst.  The incorporators, who are John W. Motter, of Frederick; Vincent Sebold, of Emmittsburg; Samuel M. Birely, of Thurmont, W. W. Sweigart, of York Road, and Horace G. Reese, of this city, held a preliminary meeting at the Blue Mountain House, on the 19th inst., and perfected their plans.  Subsequently the incorporators, with the addition of Mr. George W. Albaugh, of this city, were elected directors of the company for the first year.  W. W. Sweigart was elected president; George W. Albaugh, vice-president; Samuel L. Birely, secretary and treasurer.  The title of the company is, “The Sweigart Manufacturing Company,” and its capital, which has all been subscribed, is $15,000.  Its plant will be located at Thurmont and its articles of incorporation permit the manufacture of anything the company may elect, though its prime purpose is to make the Sweigart mail box, which is one of those approved by the government.   American Sentinel, July 22, 1901.