Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun Article for July 8, 2001

25 Years Ago  

Sykesville Plan Approved – The newly created master plan has been presented to the Sykesville Town Council by the town Planning and Zoning Commission and has been approved unanimously.  Adoption of the plan came Monday night at the town council meeting.  The accepted plan conforms with the master plan presented at public hearing June 29 except for one minor change.  A stream leading down the far west side of town through the 6401 Corporation property which drains into the Patapsco River valley has been designated as a “conservation” district.  The Herald, July 14, 1976.

50 Years Ago 

County Man Wins Heroism Award – Sergt. Ben L. Goard, of Linwood, Md., has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroic action on February 28 in Korean battle.  Sergeant Goard, whose sister, Mrs. Clara Anna Fullar, lives at Linwood, was honored for his act in going to the aid of a wounded comrade while subject to enemy small arms and automatic weapons fire.  At the same time, he is credited with having retrieved a mortar with which he was able to direct fire on the enemy, thus allowing his company to withdraw to a better position.  He has been in Korea for six months as a mortar section sergeant.  Prior to entering the service, Sergeant Goard was a heavy equipment operator.   Democratic Advocate, July 13, 1951.

75 Years Ago

Rickenbacker Car Stolen From Garage – A Rickenbacker Sedan, valued at $1,800 was stolen from Conaway Motor Company’s Garage, Court street, Sunday night and its whereabouts has not been heard of since.  The car was taken some time after midnight it is supposed as the car was last seen about 1:30 in the morning.  The entrance was made by prying the lock from the door with a shift lever of a car.  From the size of the piece of iron it was from a large car as it was heavy and was not the property of Mr. Conaway.  The car was of the latest model and was used as a demonstrator.  The parties who stole the car evidently knew all about the machine.   Democratic Advocate, July 9, 1926.

100 Years Ago

The SENTINEL is indebted to Mr. D. S. Petry, of Surrey, N. Dakota, for a copy of the Ward County Reporter published at Minot, N.D., in which is a two column announcement of the program for the celebration of Independence Day at Minot, which foreshadowed a day brimful of festivities of all sorts from morning till after night, such as a triumphal parade, an address, races, balloon ascensions, baseball, broncho “busting”, a trapeze performance, miscellaneous sports &c., winding up with a grand display of fireworks.  The same paper says that one of the most progressive settlements in that progressive county is the settlement around Surrey.   ‘They have,’ the Reporter says, ‘the grit to make a success of their venture in coming to North Dakota.  They are all right and Ward county can feel proud of them.’  They are mostly from this county.   American Sentinel, July 13, 1901.