Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun Article for June 10, 2001

25 Years Ago  

Mt. Airy Celebration Draws Crowds to Town – Mt. Airy had what was called its biggest community turnout ever this weekend when it celebrated the Bicentennial.  “It’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen in town,” remarked Mayor Lewis C. Dixon.  “We were flabbergasted by the turnout” said Bicentennial Chairman Raymond Simpson.  “It went well beyond our expectations.  It built into a crescendo.  Everyone seemed to have fun.”  Some events such as the Sunday evening country music show drew upwards of 1,000 persons, and hundreds lined the streets Saturday to watch the parade.   The Herald, June 16, 1976

50 Years Ago  

Fields and His Orchestra at Sykesville June 12 – Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra will appear at the S. H. S. Farewell Dance at Springfield Auditorium, Sykesville, Maryland, on Tuesday evening, June 12, 1951 from 9 to 1 p.m.  The music of Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra promises to be very smooth and danceable.   Shep Fields and His Orchestra has made three appearances on the “Cavalcade of Bands”, and was on the Kreisler Bandstand over ABC-TV network on May 9th, and on the Kate Smith TV show May 15th.  During May, Shep played for the following proms:  Carnegie Tech., Rensselaer Polytech., Ohio University, and Plattsburg State Teachers College.  Shep Fields will open at the Statler Hotel, New York City on June 25th from where he will be broadcasting coast-to-coast over the CBS network.   Democratic Advocate, June 8, 1951.

75 Years Ago

County Commissioners – A large delegation was before the Board for the purpose of an increase of salary for the County Agent at which meeting there were delegates from all sections of the county urging the need of the work of the Home Demonstration work.  After a careful investigation and upon great pressure the board decided to an increase of $17.00 per month making a total amount of $3,000.00 for this work.   American Sentinel, June 11, 1926.

100 Years Ago

One day last week, while Mr. John M. Myers, of Bachman’s Valley, was looking for crows’ nests he discovered what he supposed to be one, in a chestnut tree, 60 feet from the ground, and saw there was, as he thought, crows in it.  Of course he shot into it, with the expectation of rolling out the crows.  The first shot or two had no effect, but after firing several rounds there came tumbling down a full grown old raccoon.  After striking the ground the procyon lotor gave Mr. Myers and Ted Kleinsnitz a lively chase.  He was a funny crow, to be sure.   American Sentinel, June 8, 1901.