Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun Article for June 17, 2001

25 Years Ago

Health Dept. to Take Loss — Residents to Pay $1 for Flu Immunization – The Health Department is tentatively asking for $1 donation per person for immunization shots to be given in August, September and October to ward off the New Jersey Type A influenza (formally the Swine Flu).  Federal money has been supplied for the manufacture of the vaccine, but is has not been made available for administration of what has been called the “biggest immunization project in the history of medicine.”  Enough vaccine will be made available to immunize every member of the county’s 80,000 population as is being done with the rest of the country.   The Herald, June 2, 1976.

50 Years Ago  

$27,000 Needed for Carroll County Medical Center — Dinner Meeting Held With Eleven Districts Represented — Federal Government Will Grant Aid – The citizens of Carroll County will be given a challenge to raise an emergency fund of $27,000 for the completion of the Carroll County Medical Center.  This money must be raised by June 24 in order that the project will receive aid of 44 percent from the Federal Government under the Hill-Burton Act.  The Carroll County War Memorial Fund Committee has available a little over $96,000.  The low bid received on the building and plumbing and heating on Friday morning in the office of the general chairman, Scott S. Bair, was $125,500.  Under the fiscal year, July 1, 1950, to June 30, 1951, the State Department of Health has this project on its construction schedule on $100,000 estimated costs.  The basis this year for Federal participation is 44 percent, with likely changes next year to 33 1/3 percent, pending action taken by Congress.   The Democratic Advocate, June 15, 1951.

75 Years Ago 

Commencement at Charles Carroll School – The first annual commencement of the Charles Carroll school, on the State road between Union Mills and Silver Run, held on the afternoon of the 10 inst., was largely attended and was quite an event in the history of that institution.  The principal address was delivered by Dr. Joseph Shubert, Chautauqua lecturer.  He was a most attractive and impressive speaker, and what he had to say to the graduating class and to the parents of the children was timely and fitting to the occasion.  And with it all, he was not beyond indulging in a few innocent pleasantries which pleased and brought smiles of approval from his audience.   American Sentinel, July 18, 1926.

100 Years Ago          

W. T. Curry, Mr. I. N. Stoner’s butcher, who stated last week that he would kill and dress a beef in sixteen minutes, on the grounds of the Westminster High School in this city, on Thursday afternoon, more than made good his word by performing the feat in little less than eleven minutes.  A large crowd witnessed the performance.  It is said that a Baltimore butcher who came to Westminster to challenge Curry to a trial of skill, on a $500 wager, seeing the latter’s dexterity, prudently concluded not to risk his money.   American Sentinel, June 15, 1901.