March 23, 1997

25 Years Ago

State Asked To Accelerate Route 30 By-pass — The County Commissioners have asked a one-year acceleration in right-of-way purchases for the proposed Route 30 by-pass around Manchester and Hampstead. In a request to the State Highway Administration, the commissioners asked that $198,000 be shifted from the 1973-77 projections for work on Route 32 and be designed for the Route 30 by-pass. Under its present 5-year plan, the state agency would spend $91,000 for preliminary engineering and $413,000 for right of ways, during fiscal 1973. In the following four years $328,000 and $163,000 is planned for right of ways. Construction funds are presently ear-marked for 1975 and 1976. The Carroll Record, March 23, 1972.

50 Years Ago Eisteddfod to Be Held April 25 – Dr. Goodhart, Professor Of Music Education, New York University, To Be Adjudicator — Dr. Luther W. Goodhart, Associate professor of Music Education. New York University, will visit Carroll County on April 25, to act as Adjudicator for the twentieth annual public school Eisteddfod, (Music Festival). Rehearsals are under way in all schools in the County in preparation for this annual school event which will take place in Alumni Hall, Western Maryland College, on Friday evening, April 25, at 7:30 o’clock. Approximately 600 school children will take part in the Eisteddfod this year. Tickets for the performance will be distributed by each school according to the number of students taking part in the Festival. Democratic Advocate, March 28, 1947.

75 Years Ago

Henpecks Have the Punch – St. Andrew’s Puts It Over Westminster Star Basketiers – Big Game and Last, March 29 — Westminster basketball followers got more than an ordinary treat for their journey to the State Armory Tuesday night, one of the cage events of the year taking place. This was the game between the married men and the single men’s teams, and the former triumphed over the exponents of single blessedness, 16 to 4. In fact, they demonstrated that the “Hen-Pecks” could really play basketball—that is really play in comparison to what their opponents were doing. The “Henpecks” were not long in showing that they could play better than the single men’s team, and filed goals were the only thing that counted in scoring. They were ambitious and, as not many fouls were allowed, and there was no one to shoot ’em if they have been, the scoring was left entirely to two-point leaps. Walsh and Grafton were the only ones on the losing aggregation that could find the basket and this they did only once each. The “Henpecks” used 10 players to win the game. Democratic Advocate, March 24, 1922.

100 Years Ago

Sykesville Items — Sykesville public school reports roll call of 90 pupils – 74 examined and 58 to be promoted next fall, as per order of the School Board. As nearly all of the 58 were ripe for the change, the teachers rearranged the classes as far as the supply of books would permit, so as to admit those who will be promoted, excepting those who will pass from the 5th to the 6th and from the 6th to the 7th grades. The school wanted to examine a couple of tramps, too. The said tramps were found in the basement where they had kindled a fire at the edge of the kindling wood. If the doors and windows had not been so closely fastened the building would have been destroyed and the tramps would have perished in the flames. They gained entrance by the coal chute, and were not able to get out until the doors were opened by the janitor in the morning. The principal of the school took the necessary steps to arrest them but they left before a constable could be found. Democratic Advocate, March 27, 1897.