May 11, 1997

25 Years Ago

Farmer’s Market Committee Led By Taneytown Woman—A county farmer’s market is being planned for possible opening in June at the Agricultural Center according to county agent Robert E. Jones. Mrs. Charles Null of Taneytown is heading a committee to complete details for the operation of a county farmers market at the Agricultural Center. Possibly to open in June, the market is being sponsored by the Ag Centers Board of Directors. Produce on sale will include vegetables, fruits, eggs, pastries, handmade crafts, handiwork, honey and other items. The Carroll Record, May 11, 1972.

50 Years Ago

WALDEN’S STABLES—With the Pimlico race track only a short distance away, Carroll countians have always held it a favorite and the local history that has been tied up with the record of the Maryland Jockey Club has always created interest. The late R. Wyndham Walden was one of the reorganizers of the club in 1870 and raced many a thoroughbred on its tracks. Refund,  owned and trained by Mr. Walden, won the Preakness in 1888 and he had many other famous horses. Democratic Advocate, May 9, 1947.

75 Years Ago

Apollo Will Preside At Olympic Games—The ancient Greek god will positively appear in person when the Olympic Games are called for the Carroll County Pageant. Quite a lively contest held at Western Maryland College some time ago resulted in the election of Mr. Carlysle MacLea, of Baltimore, as Apollo. His chariot has been ordered from Mt. Olympus and he is now busy getting his prancing steeds in order. A Greek processional and chorus will follow the chariot singing a hymn to the Delphic Apollo written 3,000 or more years ago, one of the three fragments of Greek music now in existence. The Olympic games will consist of running, leaping, wrestling, discus throwing and about fifty trained athletes will participate. Democratic Advocate, May 12, 1922.

100 Years Ago

New Windsor – The municipal election in this town on Monday was very exciting. Two tickets were in the field, one favoring and the other opposing the removal of hog pens from the
corporate limits. J. W. Hawk was on both tickets. Otherwise, the ticket against hog pens was—Winfield S. Drach for burgess and L. H. Dielman and Samuel Otto for commissioners. The ticket favoring hog pens was—Dr. J. W. Helm for burgess and William Lovall and Jacob Troumfelter for commissioners. A full vote was cast and the Helm ticket won, so that hog pens will not be disturbed in New Windsor for a year to come. Democratic Advocate, May 8, 1897.