Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun article for May 27, 2001

25 Years Ago

Citizens React to County Budget – Except for one bombshell that was dropped publicly for the first time, nothing earth shattering came out of the 1976-77 budget hearing held Thursday at Westminster High School.  The bombshell was dropped in regard to the closing of the Legal Air Bureau which is slated to shut its doors unless the county comes through with $60,000.  Andrea M. Alcarese, chief attorney for the bureau, appealed to the county at the budget hearing to support the program so that as many as 1,000 of Carroll County’s poor can continue to receive the free legal services.  Sykesville Herald, May 26, 1976.

50 Years Ago

Horse Play Day at Taylorsville — Hunt Club to Hold Annual Gala Affair Memorial Day, May 30; Dance at Night – Horse Play Day, the third annual gala affair of its kind, is scheduled at Dr. Frank J. Barnes’ estate at Taylorsville on Wednesday, May 30.  The event will begin at the veterinarian’s estate at the junction of Routes 26 and 27 with a colorful parade of horses and rides promptly at noon on Memorial Day.  Music will be furnished by the Glen Rock Band hailed as one of the finest musical organizations in lower Pennsylvania.  A special invitation to be on hand has been extended General James P. Devereux, United States Congressman from the Second Maryland District, who is now a gentleman farmer of Baltimore county.  The General will probably attend to greet his constituents in the event the press of other business does not require his attendance in the Capitol.   Democratic Advocate, May 25, 1951.

75 Years Ago

Memorial Day Services – Sunday, May 30, at 2 O’clock – The near approach of Memorial Day with no plans or arrangements for the proper observance of the same in Westminster, prompted the Rotary Club to arrange for and sponsor an appropriate service for the day that for more than half a century has been observed in this city.  The Board of Governors of the Rotary Club held a meeting Wednesday evening, and invited representatives of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars to be present.  It was decided to hold Memorial services Sunday afternoon, May 30th, at 2 o’clock.  The men at the meeting went earnestly to work and at a meeting Thursday evening completed plans for an observance, worthy of the day.   American Sentinel, May 28, 1926.

100 Years Ago          

During a thunder storm on Friday night of last week Mr. Eli F. Warner, of Lineboro, was stunned and rendered speechless for a time by lightening.  During the same storm lightning struck the residence of Henry Martz, of Hanover, Pa., ran down the kitchen chimney and tore up the flooring within a distance of three feet from where his four children were playing.  The children and Mrs. Martz, who was also in the kitchen, were thrown to the floor and all rendered unconscious, but evidently were not touched by the electric fluid, as they were restored.   American Sentinel, May 25, 1901.