May 4, 1997

25 Years Ago

UNION BRIDGE CENTENNIAL—The 100-year Centennial Celebration for the town of Union Bridge will begin on Friday evening, May 12 at 7 p.m. At that time a parade including antique cars, Civil War Memorial marching units, beauty contest finalists and National Brewery Shire Horses and Antique Wagon will begin at the Community Center and march down Main Street to the Mitchell Transport property at the end of town. Free movies will be shown by the trucking company afterwards, and the culmination of the evening will be the crowning of the Centennial Queen, Miss Union Bridge by Mayor Richard L. Stultz. The Carroll Record, May 4, 1972.

50 Years Ago

FREIGHT TRAIN WRECK AT PORTER’S—Baltimore freight train, over the B. & H. Division, crashed into the rear of another freight at Porter’s Sideling Sunday morning at 7:45 o’clock. The locomotive of the heavy freight train crashed into a Gettysburg-York train, which was standing still. The fireman and engineer jumped from the cab of the locomotive just before the crash. The locomotive struck the caboose, knocking it and a coal car and a box car off the tracks. The caboose and coal car were overturned. The engine fell on its side alongside off the two cars. About four hundred feet of track were torn up as a result of the derailment. Wrecking crews composed of men from Baltimore and Hagerstown completed repairs. The B. & H. Division has no signal system like the main line, or the accident would have been prevented. Democratic Advocate, May 2, 1947.

75 Years Ago

Buzzard’s Glory—Frank Sies whose girl turned him down has been trying to win her back, so the other night he got under her window with a dollar box of chocolates in his hand, singing love
songs to her. When he heard the window raise, he said, “Oh my love is coming,” when a bucket of water came down over him. But Frank not to be out done came back the next night under the same window with an umbrella packed high in the air singing the same old songs to her, but left when he saw Carroll come around the corner with a bottle of turpentine and a corn cob in his hand. Democratic Advocate, May 5, 1922.

100 Years Ago

Two thieves made a raid on the smoke house of Mr. Daniel F. Shriner, this city, on Monday night, carrying off four pieces of meat belonging to Mr. J. J. Koller and one piece belonging to
Mr. Shriner. They broke the lock on the door, got the meat and left the premises by the alley in the rear. They entered from the front, as indicated by their foot-prints in the onion bed, made soft by the rain that night. One wore pointed shoes and the other the ordinary round toe shoe. Democratic Advocate, May 1, 1897.