Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun article for November 5, 2000

25 Years Ago 

Council Postpones Setting the Date for Bond Vote — Bond Issue for Water System Improvements set at $210,000  — The Mt. Airy Town Council postponed setting a date for a water system bond issue referendum at its meeting Monday until town attorney Charles Fisher determines a 15 year repayment schedule for the $210,000.  Fisher had prepared figures for a 12 year $200,000 issue which had previously been considered.  The Bond is planning to pay for a new pump, well and loop distribution line for the town’s water system.  The council at the last meeting rejected the possibility of state or federal aid in paying for the improvements.  The board decided to have the town foot the bill alone to avoid obligations outside the town limits which might be tied to outside money.   Community Reporter, November 7, 1975.

50 Years Ago

Whitaker Chambers Top American – Thomas F. Murphy, who prosecuted the United States Government’s case against Alger Hiss, described Whittaker Chambers, Bachman’s Valley, as one of the greatest living Americans.  Murphy, now New York city police commissioner, said it took “great courage” on the part of Chambers, the Government’s key witness against Hiss on perjury charges, to testify.  Hiss was convicted and his appeal is pending.  Murphy made the statement in a speech before 400 persons at a Knights of Columbus communion breakfast in Brooklyn.   Democratic Advocate, November 3, 1950.

75 Years Ago

Wampler’s Pumpkin and Apple Display — Frank Kane, Pleasant Valley, Has Champion Pumpkin, 123 Lbs. — Best Apple Display, Roy Singer – The fourth annual pumpkin show and apple display being held in the Atlee W. Wampler Furniture Store, East Main street, October 17 to November 7, in connection with the “Home Sweet Home” Sale, has proved a big success, with twenty more entries this year than last year.  The window was attractively decorated with all sizes of pumpkins and Halloween suggestions and the Halloween colors draped through the store.  This exhibit has caused considerable interest among the pumpkin growers of the county.  The beautiful apples on display received creditable attention.  The following is the list of awards:  1st, Frank Kane, Pleasant Valley, 123 pounds, $6; 2nd, Charles Hart, Union Bridge, 118 ½ pounds, $5; 3rd, Edward Gilbert, Westminster R.F.D., 106 pounds, $4.

100 Years Ago          

It is not too much to say that the conduct of some of those who celebrated Hallow Eve in this city was reprehensible.  Removing doorsteps, sprinkling the clothing of quiet and peaceable citizens with flour and corn meal and like pranks are not to be commended.  Thoughtless boys who indulge in such practices should be looked after by their parents and made to understand that they call for emphatic discipline.  But boys were not alone in perpetrating that sort of mischief on Wednesday evening.  Some young women and girls engaged in the ill-mannered pastime and were themselves subjected to jeers and insults from men at whom they threw missiles of various kinds.  If there be no other means of controlling these hoydenish exhibitions it would be well for the city to impose a penalty upon the perpetrators.   American Sentinel, November 3, 1900.