Historical Society of Carroll County

Baltimore Sun article for October 15, 2000

25 Years Ago

MVA Cites Rules on Studded Tires – Snow tires equipped with studs meeting state design standards may be used from October 15 to April 15, the Motor Vehicle Administration has announced.  The standards, according to Ejner J. Johnson, State Motor Vehicle Administrator, allow up to 150 studs per tire and can protrude no more than 1/16th of an inch from the tire.  He added that except for emergency vehicles and school buses, studded tires are prohibited on vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds registered gross weight.  During a snow emergency, snow tires or chains are required for vehicles traveling on state highways designated “snow emergency routes.”  Violators are subject to a fine of up to $25.00.  Community Reporter, October 17, 1975.

50 Years Ago

Col Harrison Chairman of Bldg. Fund – Colonel T. K. Harrison, retired, will serve as chairman of the building committee for the Carroll County War Memorial Fund Committee for the proposed erection of the medicine center.  Colonel Harrison was unanimously elected to this chairmanship at a meeting of the building committee called by the county chairman, Scott S. Bair.  The land, eight acres along the Gist road, just off the Washington road, has been conveyed and dedicated by the County Commissioners.  Plans and specifications have been prepared and submitted by the architect, B. E. Starr, of Harrisburg, Pa.  Those presented have been approved and accepted by the building committee.  The plans have been drawn so that the proposed building will be the first unit of a Carroll County General Hospital, if such should develop in the near future.  It is anticipated that bids will be asked within 30 days.  The chairman will call a meeting of the general committee, which represents each district in the county, and lay the matter before them for their approval and suggestions.  Following this it is hoped the project will become active at once, so that construction can be started.   The Democratic Advocate, October 20, 1950.

75 Years Ago  

Lightning Tears Rubber Boot from David Brown’s Foot – David Brown, farmer living on the farm of Judge E. Clinton Tracey, of near Arcadia, was severely burned about the head and body last Sunday afternoon when he was struck by lightning while doing some work about the farm.  Mr. Brown was in the corn house gathering feed for the stock when the lightning hit in the barn a few feet away from the corn crib.  The bolt ran down the lightning rod on the barn and jumped to the building in which Mr. Brown was working.  The farmer was found sometime later lying unconscious on the floor of the corn house.  The side of his head was badly burned as well as parts of his body.  Several holes were burned in his coat.  One of the rubber boots which he was wearing was torn from his foot.   The Democratic Advocate, October 16, 1925.

100 Years Ago

The record of 31 strokes over the Westminster Golf Links was lowered to 30 strokes, by Mr. Arthur F. Smith, Wednesday afternoon, and by Dr. L. Stitely on Thursday morning.  The course has only six links to its course, but owing to the condition and lay of the ground is considered quite difficult.  The Greens have been recently scraped and leveled which will add very much to the pleasure of the sport.   American Sentinel, October 20, 1900.