Shipley Memorial Gardens

The gardens behind the Sherman-Fisher-Shellman House were made possible through the generosity of the Paul Shipley family in memory of Miss Lillian Shipley, our first resident curator.

Visit in the spring and into the summer and you can see the kitchen garden beside the back porch. We’ve put in some of the more interesting and unusual plants that may have been grown in the period 1800-1850 and used for food or medicinal and domestic-industrial purposes. The larger portion of the garden, “the Pleasure Garden,” is planted with a wide variety of plants, shrubs, and trees that would have been available during the same early 19th century period.

Many of your friends and neighbors have donated funds for dedicated plantings in memory of loved ones, both friends and family, and in honor of special events, homesteads long gone, cherished and respected individuals, or accomplishments. Join them in becoming part of this lasting legacy.

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