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Please enjoy the following presentations created in partnership with the Community Media Center 

The Panic Broadcast

October 22, 2020
Frank Batavick 

In 1938, the Mercury Theater of the Air’s dramatization of H.G. Welles’ War of the Worlds frightened millions, triggered a FCC ruling, became a case study in the power of the media, and is now a Halloween staple. How and why did it work so well? Join Frank Batavick as he plays excerpts from the historic radio program and discusses its continuing power and appeal. Please click the image to watch the presentation.

Ghosts and Legends of Carroll County

October 20, 2020
Dr. Jesse Glass 

Dr. Glass, writer, artist, and editor, is Professor of American literature and history and of comparative literature at Meikai University in Chiba, Japan. Raised outside Westminster, Maryland, he holds degrees from Western Maryland College (B.A., 1979), Johns Hopkins University (M.A., 1980), and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Ph.D., 1988). Published works of Glass’s poetry include The Passion of Phineas Gage & Selected Poems (2006), The Life and Death of Peter Stubbe (1995) and Lexical Obelisk (1983, 1990, 1996). He has also written on the history and folklore of Carroll County, Maryland, in The Witness: Slavery in 19th century Carroll County, Maryland (2004), Carroll County Newspaper Wars: Know-Nothings, Alms House Scandals and the Death of a Civil-War Editor (2004), and Ghosts and Legends of Carroll County (1982; revised, 1998). Dr. Glass shares ghost tales and folklore about Carroll County. Originally published in 1982 and updated in 1998, Ghosts and Legends is scheduled for a new edition in 2020. Please click the image to watch the presentation.

Westminster High School’s Contribution to the Greatest Generation

September 24, 2020
Steve Bowersox 

Steve Bowersox, a history teacher at Westminster High School, began researching the connection of Westminster High to World War II in 2007. He has been able to place over 650 Westminster High students, male and female, in the service during World War II.  The students served all over the world and participated in every major campaign of the military.  He will share some of the stories. Please click the image to watch the presentation.

The Western Maryland Railroad

September 15, 2020
Jim Shriver 

It was on June 15, 1861, that the blast of a train whistle was first heard in Westminster as the Western Maryland Railroad arrived in town. The presentation explores the development and history of the line, its impact on Carroll County and the state of Maryland, and it place in the era of America’s railroad expansion. Please click the image to watch the presentation.

The Road Most Traveled: The Baltimore-Reisterstown Turnpike Story

August 18, 2020
Sam Riley 

Sam Riley will share the interesting history of the first major turnpike through the area that became Carroll County, the road’s important role in developing settlements along the Maryland-Pennsylvania Border, and the ties to the Shriver family at Union Mills. Please click the image to watch the presentation.

Revisiting Native Plants

August 20, 2020
Dave Flora 

Join Dave Flora and other Master Gardeners in the Kimmey House Garden, for a virtual tour of native plants. Early settlers from Europe tended to disregard the native plants they encountered in favor of familiar species from home. There is now an increasing awareness of the advantages of using natives that are at least as appealing and are often better adapted to their home environment. Please click the image to watch the presentation.

History of the Taneytown Museum

July 27, 2020
Doug Heck 

Innovator, entrepreneur and artist, Doug Heck was one of the founders of the Taneytown Historical Museum. He has served as its president, treasurer and secretary and has taken on many other roles over the past 15 years. Doug will share the museum’s history, current events, including the 2020 baseball exhibit, and future plans.  Please click the image to watch the presentation.

Historical Society Gardens

July 23, 2020
Linda Broadfoot 

Herb gardens have for centuries been essential features of households.  Explore the newly-renovated herb gardens behind the Sherman-Fisher-Shellman House in a discussion of historic Pennsylvania German practices. Information on the use of herbs will be presented.  Please click the image to watch the presentation.

Owing to the Confusion and Excitement of the Battle of Antietam

June 25, 2020
Jay Graybeal 

Most studies of Civil War battles focus on soldiers and tactics. Little attention is paid to the civilians who found themselves caught up in these fights. Jay Graybeal, chief curator at the Army Heritage and Education Center, traces his great-great grandfather’s 36-year legal fight to recover damages from the Union Army’s destruction of his crops during the Antietam and Gettysburg Campaigns.  Please click the image to watch the presentation.

Digital Maryland: Celebrating more than a decade of digitizing historic documents

June 16, 2020
Jodi Hoover 

Digital Maryland, a statewide digitization program of the Maryland State Library Resource Center, Enoch Pratt Free Library works collaboratively with cultural organizations throughout Maryland to facilitate the digitization and digital exhibition of historical and cultural documents, images, audio and video held by Maryland institutions, including HSCC. Jodi Hoover, digital resources manager will present an overview of the holdings.  Please click the image to watch the presentation.

Words and Images: Three Carroll County Women

May 19, 2020
James Lightner

2020 is “The Year of the Woman,” commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Jim Lightner explores the lives of three exceptional Carroll County women of the early 20th century: author and activist Mary Shellman, author and dramatist Dorothy Elderdice, and photojournalist Sadie Kneller Miller. Each became a trendsetter in her chosen field. Please click the image to watch the presentation.

Please enjoy the following presentations created in partnership with 127 Creative, LLC

Westminster Cemetery 

September 18, 2018
Suzanne Albert & Jim Lightner

The Susquehannoks

August 21, 2018
Gainor Davis

Decorated Dwellings

March 19, 2019
Ken Short

Agitated, Frightened, and Crazed by the War

June 18, 2019
Steven W. Carney

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