April 14, 1996

25 Years Ago

Lingerie Sewing Demonstration – At long last Carroll County women will be able to get in on the latest sewing rage that is hitting the country. Sewing on lingerie, your own half slips, panties and girdles will be demonstrated at the Agricultural Center, Westminster, on Monday, April 19th, at 1:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The cost is free and open to the public. To register and for further details, please contact Pat Kennedy, Extension Agent, Home Economics, at the County Office building, Westminster 848-5411 or 876-2085, Extension 4. Community Reporter, Apri. 9, 1971.

50 Years Ago

Permanent Auto Tags For State Assured By O’Conor – Will Save $60,000 Annually, He Declares, To Use Two Plates – Annapolis, April 8—Governor Herbert R. O’Conor today announced his
decision to provide permanent automobile registration tags for motor vehicles in the State. Commenting on the new system, Governor O’Conor said; “This is the plan we intended to inaugurate a few years ago, but due to the war, and the shortage of metals, our plan had to be delayed. Now that aluminum for permanent plates is possible to obtain, I have decided to establish the new plan. It is generally agreed that the public will greatly benefit by the issuance of a permanent plate. The new plates will be in duplicate, as they were in pre-war years, and will of course be attached to the front and rear of the car. The two plate system was always very much more valuable, especially in Police work, where it has been very difficult to identify stolen or abandoned cars, or hit and run drivers, because the officer always had to be in the rear of the car to make his identification. Under the two plate system cars may be identified
when approaching the officer”. “Under the new system, every motorist, will retain his regular number and will always be able to identify his own car when approaching either from the front or the rear. This has been and could be increasingly difficult to do, because in the standardized types and makes of automobiles the many cars of the same make look identical when parked on the streets or parking lots. Democratic Advocate, April 12, 1946.

75 Years Ago

Taneytown – On Sunday morning, Messrs. J. Ross Galt and wife, of New Windsor, and Robert W. Galt and wife, of Keymar, in the latter’s car, were enroute from Keymar to the Piney Creek
Presbyterian church, and were in sight of Taneytown when Mr. Galt passed a team, and, after passing, in attempting to turn on the road again, turned the opposite direction, and run the car in a deep gutter the car turning on its side. The men were unhurt, but both ladies had their left collar bones broken. Medical aid was vainly sought in Taneytown, and Dr. Roland R. Diller, of Detour, was summoned, and rendered aid, after which the car proceeded back to Keymar instead of church. Both patients are getting along as well as can be expected. Union Bridge Pilot, April 8, 1921.

100 Years Ago

Corner-Stone Laying – The corner-stone of the new building, about to be erected by the Fire Department of this city, was laid on Monday afternoon last, by Door to Virtue Lodge No. 40, A. F. and A. M., with the impressive and interesting ceremonies employed by that ancient and honorable order on such occasions. The event had long been anticipated with interest, not only by the firemen, but by citizens generally, and drew to the scene a large assembly of people, including many from the surrounding country. It was preceded by a parade of the Westminster Band and the firemen, in full dress uniform. The parade was formed at the railroad, shortly after one o’clock, under charge of the marshal, Ex-Mayor Jospeh D. Brooks; Mr. E. J. Lawyer, president and F. K. Herr, chief. The line of march was through nearly all the streets of the city and the parade was witnessed by a large number of people. When the band and firemen reached the site of the building a committe proceeded in Masonic hall and escorted the Lodge to the scene of the ceremonies, where the stone was laid by Past Master Benjamin F. Crouse, acting for Worshipful Master Baldwin; Past Master J. Milton Reifsnider and Past Master Geo. R. Gehr, who respectively applied to it the square, level and plumb and pronounced the work correct. Corn was scattered upon the stone and wine and oil poured upon it in accordance with the symbolism of the order. American Sentinel, April 11, 1896.