December 29, 1996

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December 29, 1996 25 Years Ago Store Ransacked—Unknown burglars broke into the J. C. Penny department store over the weekend, ransacked the offices and stole a $1.59 flashlight from the basement work table, the Westminster city police reported. The city police erported that sometime Sunday evening or early Monday morning the burglar or burglars climbed onto [...]

December 22, 1996

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December 22, 1996 25 Years Ago Seniors Hold Party—The Westminster Senior Citizens Club held its Christmas party on Tuesday evening, December 7, at 7:45 p.m. at Frock's with 54 members and 7 guests present. The devotions were given by Rhea Knouse followed by the repeating of the Lord's Prayer. The members and the guests were welcomed [...]

December 15, 1996

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December 15, 1996 25 Years Ago OLD AGE GRANT AWARDED—Senior citizens in Carroll county will soon have a place to go, similar in many ways to the youth-run counseling and recreation center that opened early this month in the old county jail. The project to provide local services for the elderly received approval last week from [...]

December 8, 1996

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December 8, 1996 25 Years Ago Commissioners Double Lot Requirements—The county commissioners voted unanimously last week to double the minimum residential lot size in areas of the county lying outside of the comprehensive 30-year water and sewer plan. The zoning amendment, which affects about 2/3 of the county's total land area, will change the minimum lot [...]

December 1, 1996

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December 1, 1996 25 Years Ago Annoying Phone Calls? Chamber Gives Advice—The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce has received several complaints recently about annoying phone calls and calls which involve aggressive and bothersome sales techniques, a Chamber press release reported last week. To deal with calls which are abusive or which involve pranks, the safest course [...]

November 24, 1996

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November 24, 1996 25 Years Ago Developers Offer Airport At $150,065 — An airport development group told the county commissioners last week that they could build an airport for the county for $150,065. That figure is $445,435 less than an estimate for a similar airport contained in a report to the commissioners from their consulting engineers, [...]

November 17, 1996

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November 17, 1996 25 Years Ago Plimpton's W.M.C. Role On T.V. - George Plimpton, the unquenchable amateur, tries his hand as a rookie quarterback for the Baltimore Colts on "Plimpton! The Great Quarterback Sneak," a one-hour ABC television network special Friday, November 26 at 9:00 p.m. on WJZ-TV (channel 13). From the start of the training [...]

November 10, 1996

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November 10, 1996 25 Years Ago Grand Jury Urges Study Of County Drug Traffic - A study of drug traffic into and within Carroll county was urged last week in the final report of the May term Grand Jury. Expressing concern that 8 of the jury's 67 indictments were for narcotics violations — 3 for possession [...]

November 3, 1996

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November 3, 1996 25 Years Ago Students Aim Drive At Smoking - County high school students will begin a drive to educate other students about the hazards of cigarette smoking as a result of a meeting between members of the Carroll County Committee on Student Councils and the county School Board. Students were asked to attend [...]

October 27, 1996

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October 27, 1996 25 Years Ago Fakes Found In Bill Changer - Westminster city police and U.S. Secret Service agents are investigating two counterfeiting incidents at Western Maryland College where photocopied dollar bills were fed into a dollar changing machine. The city police said that the Secret Service is investigating the fake bills and added that [...]


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