December 22, 1996

25 Years Ago

Seniors Hold Party—The Westminster Senior Citizens Club held its Christmas party on Tuesday evening, December 7, at 7:45 p.m. at Frock’s with 54 members and 7 guests present. The
devotions were given by Rhea Knouse followed by the repeating of the Lord’s Prayer. The members and the guests were welcomed by the president Mary Shoemaker and notes were read from members who are convalesing. Several members are on the sick list. The members having birthdays in October and November and December were recognized by singing “Happy Birthday” to them. Pictures were taken. Santa Claus arrived and he distributed gifts to everyone present. Democratic Advocate , December 20, 1971.

50 Years Ago

STATE $50,000,000 BETTER OFF THAN IN ’39 – Fiscal Situation Vastly Improved During 8 Years of Office—Annapolis, December 16 – The State’s Annuity Bond Fund Reserve as of December 31 will be approximately one million dollars, Governor Herbert R. O’Conor made known today, following a checkup made by the State’s fiscal officers at his request. As of November 30, the report showed, the balance in the Fund was $913,701.54, with receipts from taxes for the month of December estimated at $70,000.00 allowing for interest payments for the month of December of $13, 823,75, the Governor pointed out, there will be available in the Reserve as of the close of the calendar year a total of $969,877.79. Democratic Advocate, December 20, 1946.

75 Years Ago

BIG DAMAGE BY WIND-Office and Cooper Shop of Englar & Sponseller Unroofed- Big Chicken House of Dohnea Nygren Wrecked-Edward Stoner’s Porch Blown Down—Considerable damage resulted from the heavy windstorm early Sunday morning which swept over this city, unroofing houses, blowing down electric light poles, etc. On Liberty street the large porch of Edward Stoner was a total wreck, some of the casing being carried to Green street. The house roof also suffered. The loss is placed at $200. The roof of the office and cooper shop of Englar & Sponseller was unroofed. The roof on Koontz’s creamery has been raised six inches on the corner of Green and Liberty streets. J. L. O’Farrell’s slate roof was damaged by a large tile chimney being blown over. Democratic Advocate,December 23, 1921.

100 Years Ago

Westminster—Organized bands of burglars are now at work in the country districts. Be prepared to give them a hospitable reception. The burglars are ready to go from a chicken house to the stable or dwelling, and take whatever they can dispose of at the “fences” in the large cities. If a horse is stolen act promptly, for in less than 24 hours it can pass through a dozen hands and be so completely changed that its own dam would not know it. Democratic Advocate, December 26, 1896.