December 15, 1996

25 Years Ago

OLD AGE GRANT AWARDED—Senior citizens in Carroll county will soon have a place to go, similar in many ways to the youth-run counseling and recreation center that opened early this month in the old county jail. The project to provide local services for the elderly received approval last week from the State Commission on Aging when it okayed a $25,000 grant request from the county Bureau of Mental Health. Scheduled to begin in January, the project calls for the hiring of a local coordinator for senior services and the establishment of a “senior center” near Westminster, comparable to the Junction center on Court street. Democratic Advocate , December 20, 1971.

50 Years Ago

THE OUTDOOR NATIVITY—The illumination of the gold cross on the Westminster Theological Seminary will announce to the community that either December 17th or 19th is considered
favorable for the seventeenth presentation of the annual outdoor Nativity. The two performances will occur at 8:00 and 8:40 p.m. The pageant TIDINGS TO ALL PEOPLE emphasizes the spirt of world brotherhood which should prevail of all times at the advent season. Townsfolk, faculty and student body of Western Maryland College and Westminster Seminary unite to furnish an international and interracial cast. This year participants from foreign countries will speak a few sentences of their native language allowed by the English translation. Democratic Advocate, December 13, 1946.

75 Years Ago

ATTENTION CHRISTMAS GREEN HUNTERS—Let those who would hide themselves to the woods, fields, and roadsides, to gather Christmas Greens, be reminded that there is a State law, enacted in 1918, which makes it a misdemeanor for anyone to cut, or in any way injure any tree or shrubbery, without the written consent, or personal direction of the owner. A fine of from $5 to $25 or imprisonment of from 30 to 90 days is the penalty. This law was enacted to protect private property from depredation. The damage in past years has been enormous, especially in the vicinity of towns and villages. Active cooperation from property owners with the State and County police forces, is needed to stop the abuses this law is designed to correct. Democratic Advocate, December 16, 1921.

100 Years Ago

AT MILLERS BROS’—One of their windows contains the large and handsome Doll and Patrol Wagons, which they will give away, besides an endless variety of toys of all kinds, from a top to a large drum. The artistic manner in which the toys are arranged makes one feel as though he was in wonderland. This is the delight of the juveniles, and they are to be found admiring it in groups from early morning until late at night. The other window is one of rare beauty and displays exquisite taste in its get up. In the center is a handsome fountain with a spray of water falling over electric lights into a basin, surrounded by evergreens. The sides are handsomely festooned with evergreens and the base of the whole is covered with white handkerchiefs, representing a landscape or scene after a snow storm. This is really one of the most handsome and artistic arranged windows ever seen in this city, and is much admired by the throng of people who daily crowd the large stores of this young and enterprising firm in search of holiday goods. Democratic Advocate, December 19, 1896.