December 1, 1996

25 Years Ago

Annoying Phone Calls? Chamber Gives Advice—The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce has received several complaints recently about annoying phone calls and calls which involve aggressive and bothersome sales techniques, a Chamber press release reported last week. To deal with calls which are abusive or which involve pranks, the safest course of action starts with positive identification of the caller, the Chamber said. If there is any doubt, ask to return the call which will give you the opportunity to check the number for accuracy. Most importantly, never, never answer questions of a personal nature unless you are sure of the identity of the caller, the Chamber cautioned.Democratic Advocate, December 2, 1971.

50 Years Ago

CITY TO HAVE XMAS LIGHTING, Retail Merchants Assoc. Secured Necessary Generators For Lghting Decorations—Due to the untiring efforts of the Retail Merchants Association, Westminster will be able to have their Xmas Lighting as planned. The Association appointed a special committee, composed of F. Kale Mathias, and Paul Bonsack, who made the proper contacts with the Sheppard Diesel Engine Co., Hanover, Pa., through the Maryland Supply and Equipment Co., of Baltimore, who are the distributors for the state of Maryland. The generators will be set up and operated at three different sections, being placed on the pavements. Adequate shelter and a maintenance crew for the operation will be taken care of by the Mayor and City Council of Westminster. Plans are to have them installed by December 11 and they will be in operation by December 13. Democratic Advocate, December 6, 1946.

75 Years Ago

ALICE IN HUNGERLAND AT THE ARMORY SATURDAY NIGHT.—At the armory on Saturday evening, December 3, the closing night of the county exhibit, there will be shown the wonderful moving picture “Alice in Hungerland.” This picture was made by representatives of the Near East Relief organization last summer and depicts things exactly as they exist in southeast Russia, Syria, Armenia and Palestine. The picture is make up in story form, the title being suggested by the well known fairy land tale of similar name. A native Armenian girl of about fourteen was found by the committee and trained to take the part of Alice. She is shown going about among the sufferers, orphans and others relieving the destitute wherever possible. Democratic Advocate, December 2, 1921.

100 Years Ago

Taylorsville Items—Professor Hooper, of Summit Park Normal Institute, lately established in this place, gave us the first of his scientific lectures, at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Tuesday night. Subject—”Is this the only habitable world?” The house was packed and the Professor held them in rapt attention for an hour and a half, while he visited the different systems. On Tuesday night, December 8th, he will give another of his free scientific lectures at the same place. Subject—”Erosions and Depotions.” This will be the first of a series of eological lectures. Everybody invited. Our people should take an interest in this work and pack the church to overflowing. A series of historical subjects will be given during the inter at the Methodist church. Democratic Advocate, December 5, 1896.