April 26, 1998

25 Years Ago

School Smoking Policy Extended—Although one Board member expressed disappointment over the results of the smoking policy in county high schools, the county School Board decided to extend the policy, at least for the time being, until a more thorough study can be made. Early in the school year, an attempt to keep bathrooms tidy and to protect environmental conditions for nonsmokers who must share bathrooms with smokers, the School Board granted permission for students to smoke in certain designated areas outside the school building. The Board’s decision to extend the policy was based for the most part on a report of the effectiveness of the policy and the belief that perhaps the relatively new policy hasn’t been given a chance to work. According to the report, students are still continuing to smoke in bathrooms but it was the belief of administrators that they were doing so because parents wouldn’t give their permission for their child to smoke (a requisite if the students wishes to use smoking areas). The Carroll Record, April 26, 1973.

50 Years Ago

THIEF APPREHENDED AT CHAMBERSBURG—Paul R. Eiter, 21, of Chambersburg, Pa., was arrested after stealing seven automobiles and a bicycle and robbed several stores and a church in Chambersburg by a policeman. He confessed. Eiter in a stolen Chevrolet went to Union Mills and Silver Run, police reported, and broke into two stores and stole a sum of money and food. While returning to the Chambersburg area. Eiter said he thought he was “being followed by a cop” and turned into a side road. In his haste, police said, he overturned the car. Eiter told police he “bummed” a ride in a truck to Baltimore and earned three dollars helping the truck driver to unload the vehicle’s contents. Police said the young man’s fling came to an end last Friday night when he stole a bicycle in Westminster to ride to Union Mills and Silver Run. Democratic Advocate, April 23, 1948.

75 Years Ago

High School Base Ball—Westminster High is getting off to a good start in the County High School Baseball League. Last Friday the first league game was played. Westminster played at Union Bridge and finished the game with the score 12 to 4 in our favor. Hampstead came to Westminster yesterday expecting to take a victory along home. In the preliminary game they defeated us 7 to 6 and on Monday they went to Mt. Airy and took the first game of the league. Our boys were on the job from the beginning, starting the game with two runs in the first inning. The final score was 12 to 4 in favor of Westminster, Weigle, captain of the team, was the outstanding figure of the game. He made home runs the first two times to the bat. Rinehart made a three bagger which he might have stretched in to a home run had he taken a chance on an overthrow. Democratic Advocate, April 27, 1923.

100 Years Ago

The War Is On—War between the United States and Spain is now on, and may be said to have begun on Thursday, April 21, 1898. No hostilities took place on that day, but Spain on the day
broke off diplomatic relations with this government, and so notified our Minister at Madrid. This act prevented Minister Woodford from formally presenting the ultimatum of the United States to Spain, the substance of which was that Spain before midnight Saturday (today) should agree to relinquish all authority over Cuba and withdraw her land and naval forces from the island. While the ultimatum did not formally reach the Spanish government, Spain had been unofficially informed of its contents, and she indignantly declined to receive it and preferred war to further parley. American Sentinel, April 23, 1898.