June 14, 1998

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June 14, 1998 25 Years Ago Foreign Visitors—Members of a Soviet Technical team visiting the United States stopped to gather information in Union Bridge recently. The tour, under the auspices of the Bureau of Reclamation of the U.S. Department of the Interior, visited selected cement plants and government research facilities. The Soviet's visit is part of [...]

December 27, 1998

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December 27, 1998 25 Years Ago Loyalty Overriding Fear In Gasoline Sales Here—It snowed for the second time in the Taneytown-Union Bridge areas last Friday. Although the snow and cold plus the energy crisis could spell trouble, there's more loyalty than shortage at gas stations so far. JOE TUCK, at Tuck's Gulf in Union Bridge says [...]

December 20, 1998

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December 20, 1998 25 Years Ago Heating Fuel Supply Adequate With Care But Cost Climbing—As the temperature dips and icicles form on the roofs and trees, a warm house provides a sense of security as well as protection. But this winter when you go inside to take refuge, an energy-crisis tip is to leave your sweater [...]

December 13, 1998

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December 13, 1998 25 Years Ago Energy Crisis Hurting Gas, Car Dealers Here - Gas Stations Consider Night Time Closing— The changes wrought by the energy crisis generally have been subtle so far, resulting in minor inconveniences. But it is a many tentacled beast that will edge its way into practically every nook and cranny of [...]

December 6, 1998

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December 6, 1998 25 Years Ago Birds Leave Manchester But Others May Come—The birds are gone from Manchester's Christmas Tree Park, but nobody is sure for just how long, including the "expert," Nelson F. Swink Jr. of the Wildlife Services Division in Annapolis. The town turned to Mr. Swink earlier this year for help in getting [...]

November 29, 1998

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November 29, 1998 25 Years Ago Radio, TV, Auto Club Aid Car Pool Formation—WJZ-TV 13 has joined forces with WFBR Radio and the Automobile Club of Maryland to form the "COMMUTER COMPUTER CAR-POOL CLUB", according to Stephen D. Seymour, General Manager of WJZ-TV, and Harry Shriver, President and General Manager of WFBR Radio. "This public service [...]

November 22, 1998

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November 22, 1998 25 Years Ago State Computer Aid Carpools—Maryland Transportation Secretary Harry R. Hughes says Maryland is planning a State-operated program designed to increase the number of commuter carpools in the Baltimore metropolitan region. Mr. Hughes says intensive planning for the new program, which is being conducted by the Maryland Department of Transportation, is a [...]

November 15, 1998

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November 15, 1998 25 Years Ago Development, Police Dog Occupy Hampstead Council - Police Dog—Officer Robinson asked for and got permission to buy a fingerprinting kit for under $75. His request that the town send him to canine school in Baltimore County for fourteen weeks with his nine months old dog received mixed reaction. Officer Robinson [...]

November 8, 1998

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November 8, 1998 25 Years Ago $1,250,000 Black and Decker Expansion Among Building Permits—A $1,250,000 Black and Decker expansion tops those building permits granted in Westminster since October 24. District Eight - Black and Decker for a steel and masonry addition to an existing building and repair to an existing roof, together valued at $1,250,000. TheCarroll [...]

November 1, 1998

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November 1, 1998 25 Years Ago Union Bridge Tennis Courts Opening Sunday—The Union Bridge Tennis Courts will be officially opened Sunday, November 4 with a 2 p.m. ribbon cutting and exhibition matches by tennis professionals. Local recreation council president Rev. Dave Kolda says a tennis instructor has been retained to begin tennis lessons for ladies soon [...]


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