November 1, 1998

25 Years Ago

Union Bridge Tennis Courts Opening Sunday—The Union Bridge Tennis Courts will be officially opened Sunday, November 4 with a 2 p.m. ribbon cutting and exhibition matches by tennis
professionals. Local recreation council president Rev. Dave Kolda says a tennis instructor has been retained to begin tennis lessons for ladies soon after the opening of the courts. Lessons for others will be added in the spring. Walter Bockmiller, head of the county department of recreation and parks, says Union Bridge received 75 percent funding on the project from the state in a “good example of cooperation between the county and the towns”. “This is what we want,” he said, “is for the town to tell us what their needs are and then we try to help them get what they need.” In this case Union Bridge wanted and got a two color coded plexi-paved recreation facility that has appeal to both young and old, and to both male and female, said Mr. Bockmiller who will join local officials for the Sunday activities. The Carroll Record, November 1, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Young America did fine here over Hallowe’en, confining their pranks mostly to throwing corn. In Frederick they took several wagons and farm machinery from a dealer’s place of business. One wagon was found near Rocky Ridge. In Hagerstown they resorted to breaking automobile windshields. Some damage was done in Thurmont. Last year eleven were arrested and paid fines for their pranks and it is likely arrests will be make this year. The Pilot, November 5, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Contest Regarded By Leaders As Won- -Republicans See Own Defeat. — On personal reports from Democratic leaders in all sections of the State, Frank A. Furst voiced the assurance of that
party in the reelection of Governor Ritchie, and the contest already is regarded as won. These reports detailed conditions in both the Democratic and Republican parties. For some time Carroll county, largely on account of factional differences within the party, was regarded as one of the least satisfactory counties from the Democratic point of view. It still is considered unsatisfactory so far as a Democratic victory is concerned, but indications now are that the vote will be close for the State ticket. Probably all the county candidates will win by good majorities. Democratic Advocate, November 2, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Sykesville Items.—The Hallowe’en sports that were indulged in at Sykesville on Monday night by some unknown persons assumed such proportions as to endanger the lives and property of the citizens. On the dairy farm of Mr. Charles A. Warfield, which adjoins the village, the cows were turned loose in the stable and a large rick of straw was set on fire. Fortunately there was no wind and the fire did no other damage than burning some twenty tons of straw. The roads in the village were barricaded with boxes and barrels and barbed wire was stretched across the sidewalks. The bright moonlight of the early morning saved many a traveler from serious accident. Gates were torn from their hinges and many other depredations committed. Democratic Advocate, November 5, 1898.