November 22, 1998

25 Years Ago

State Computer Aid Carpools—Maryland Transportation Secretary Harry R. Hughes says Maryland is planning a State-operated program designed to increase the number of commuter carpools in the Baltimore metropolitan region. Mr. Hughes says intensive planning for the new program, which is being conducted by the Maryland Department of Transportation, is a “direct response not only to the energy crisis but also to the need for improving air quality and for relieving traffic congestion in the Baltimore area. We intend to announce details of the plan in the next few weeks.” TheCarroll Record, November 29, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Everybody Enjoys It—A political leader said the other day that he believed that “every American regardless of race, color or creed, or National origin, or whether he lives in a poor area or a
rich area is entitled to get an education.” Now, that’s indisputable! But that does not mean that the Federal Government should grub stake States and local communities to support their schools. Every community in the land is able to support its own schools and school teachers, and pay those teachers decent salaries. that is a responsibility in every large or small settlement. The Pilot,November 26, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Jury Disagrees In Fire Company’s Trial—The outcome of the State vs. Hampstead Fire Company which was tried before a jury in the Circuit Court Wednesday, disagreed. The jury stood nine for acquittal and three for conviction. The case was over the arrest of a man for running a wheel of fortune for the Hampstead Fire Company at its carnival last August. The fire companies and some celebrations use the same means in raising funds to defray expenses incurred which would otherwise immediately come from the pockets of a few individuals each year. For instance, the Westminster Fire Company is under a heavy expense and each year a carnival is held and the same contrivance is used to collect funds to defray expense of maintaining the company. Each member of the company pays a nominal fee each month to help keep the company’s finances so its organization can keep in existence. When a member of the company is injured at your fire he is paid a small sick benefit to help pay his doctor’s bill and needs for his family. In reality the benefit will not near pay the doctor’s calls. The same
applies to other fire companies of this county. Democratic Advocate, November 23, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Thanksgiving Dances—The dance given by the young gentlemen of this city in the Firemen’s Building on Thanksgiving night was a very delightful one. The smooth floors, together with the
enlivening strains of Frantantuono Brothers’ string orchestra from Baltimore, made dancing such an irresistible attraction that it was continued to an early hour Friday morning. Another dance was given the same evening at the new Babylon Building. It was most successful in every particular. A number of prominent matrons acted as chaperones. The dancing hall, while large, could barely accommodate the crowd of young folks who tripped the “light fantastic toe” way into the “wee sma’ hours of the morning.” Probably over twenty-five couples were present. A lunch was served at 12 o’clock, which was under the supervision of the caterer, Jabez Powell, who dispensed hot coffee, sandwiches and dainties. The music was under the direction of Miss Anna E. Shriver. The program was as follows: Waltz, Belle of New York; Two-Step, Happy Days in Dixie; Two-Step, Dancing Master; Waltz, Cyrano; Two-Step, Charlston; Two-Step, Georgia Camp meeting; Waltz, Poet’s Dream; Two-Step, Thoroughbred; Lancers, Idols Eye; Intermission; Waltz, Queen of Autumn; Two-Step, In Coontucky Land; Two-Step, The Scorcher; Waltz, Girls of the South; Waltz, Home, Sweet Home. Democratic Advocate, November 26, 1898.