April 5, 1998

25 Years Ago

Union Bridge Welcomes Hero Home—Friday morning started grey and rainy, much to the dismay of local residents of the Union Bridge area. For Friday was the day that Sergeant Peter Edward Drabic, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Drabic of Lightner St., was finally returning to his home town after four and one half years of captivity in Vietnam. But by 3 p.m. when the expectant crowd began gathering at the edge of town, excitement and laughter mingling with tears, the day had turned sunny and warm. It was a made-to-order day for Union Bridge to welcome back it’s own personal hero of the long Vietnam conflict. When the long-awaited car finally arrived from Valley Forge Army Hospital the crowd, which consisted of town officials, representatives from many clubs and organizations, television, radio, and newspaper reporters as well as local and county citizens, broke into a cheer and surged toward the car. Eddie go out of the blue Corvette with a surprised smile at the reception committee and was greeted with a handshake and hug from Mayor Richard Stultz. “Great to have you back, Eddie.” The
Carroll Record, April 5, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Television Installed In American Legion—The Legion Home on Green and Sycamore streets has recently purchased a large television set. The television set is larger than standard models. It has two fourteen inch speakers, a screen eighteen by twenty-four inches. It is equipped with a boster [sic] to make the picture especially clear. When television programs are not in progress, the screen can be lowered into the cabinet and radio broadcast may be heard. The cabinet was specially build and the name Carroll Post No. 31, American Legion is inscribed on the front. Television is still in its infancy, however it is particularly well adapted to sports events. Each night a major sport is televised. This large television set was installed by J. Stoner Geiman. Democratic Advocate, April 2, 1948.

75 Years Ago

BASE BALL ASSURED – Board of Directors and Officers Elected At Meeting – Over $700 Contributed – To Canvass City For Funds— A meeting was held at the Firemen’s Building on Tuesday evening to determine whether there was sufficient substantial interest among the citizens of the town to warrant the organization of a base ball team in Westminster this year. A concert by the Gettysburg College Glee Club was on at the Armory and a number of other events that kept many from the meeting, but more than fifty representative men were present and all were enthusiastically in favor not only of a club, but a first class amateur team. There was a general discussion of the question and upon motion it was decided that Westminster should have base ball this summer. Democratic Advocate, April 6, 1923.

100 Years Ago

WAR IMMINENT! – SPAIN DECLINES TO ACCEDE TO McKINLEY’S DEMANDS. – WAR BELIEVED TO BE ON. Flying Squadron Ordered to Intercept the Spanish Torpedo Flotilla.—A special message to theADVOCATE at one o’clock yesterday. Friday afternoon says: The News is receiving a large mass of dispatches in regard to war rumors and naval and military movements. The tenor of the whole mass is that war is certain and many believe that it is actually on. Spain has declined to accede to the demands made by President McKinley, and the Cabinet is now in session considering the refusal and the necessary action to take. The meeting has been a long one, and some definite statement is expected about 2 o’clock. The flying squadron has been ordered to sea at once, it is reported, to intercept the Spanish torpedo flotilla. American Sentinel, April 2, 1898.