April 7, 1996

25 Years Ago

Now’s The Time To Rid Property Of Fire Hazards – Spring into action against fire hazards now that Spring Clean-Up time is here, is the advice of the Mt. Airy Volunteer Fire Company. Trash and rubbish are breeding places for fires. The following is a four-point program for spring clean-up action: 1. Clean out stacks of newspapers and magazines; discard old clothing, mattresses, furniture, lamp shades, draperies, etc., that clutter up the attic, basement and closets. 2. Do the same clean up job in your home workshop. Get rid of shavings, oily rags, old paint, etc. 3. Get after the trash in the garage and remove the dead grass and brush around and near the house. 4. Have your furnace, chimneys and stoves inspected and cleaned now. Don’t wait until fall when you may get caught by the first cold snap. A little “elbow grease” now may save a lot of grief later. And if you have to burn trash, etc., watch it closely so it will not get out of control. Community Reporter, April 2, 1971.

50 Years Ago

No Class Graduating From H. S. In 1950 – Each spring, for more than 20 years now, the Carroll county’s high schools have been turning out a graduating class. But in 1950 an unusual situation will prevail. In that year there will be no graduation exercises of the high schools. The reason will be that schools that have the seventh grade this year (1946) started under the 12-year program recently prescribed State-wide for Maryland’s public schools. Students in the eighth grades and upwards will finish their high school course under the old 11-year program. Hence, by 1950 the last class of the 11- year students will have been graduated and the first class of the 12-year students will have a year more to go. There just will be no graduation exercised at Westminster and other county high schools in 1950. Democratic Advocate, April 5, 1946.

75 Years Ago

Representatives of a shirt factory were in town this week looking over the field with a view of locating here. Their desire is that not less that 35 or 40 girls will enter their employ and continue citing an instance where, in another locality, about 100 girls had enrolled as workers. When work began about half that number reported for work while within a few weeks the number had dwindled to about a dozen. If we could procure the required number of workers who would stick, we could land an industry of this kind which would furnish employment to all in this locality who desire work. On the other hand these industries can not locate in a locality as a mere ornament. Union Bridge Pilot, April 1, 1921.

100 Years Ago

Easter Novelties – The Easter novelties this season have, as in years past, the design of the Easter-hare and the Easter-egg on everything. The china bonbonnieries, egg-shaped, are, if possible, more numerous that ever before, and are of all sizes. The largest have a double use, for they can hold flowers when their usefulness for bonbons is over. One particularly handsome design has a spray of wild roses in raised work apparently covering the white and gold china egg. This, full of roses, is pretty for the centre of a table. Children take such delight in Easter eggs that the shops are filled with so many and so varied a selection it is hard to choose amongst them. The crepe paper has found another excuse for its existence, and pasteboard the shape of an egg is covered with it, and it is then gathered into a bunch at the top and tied with a bow of ribbon. Half-way on the side of the egg is cut an opening, through which is shown the head of a hare peering out through a spray of small artificial flowers. American Sentinel, April 4, 1896.