August 30, 1998

25 Years Ago

Two More $1,000 Winners Sought For Special Runoff—A search is on for two $1,000 State Lottery winners who are eligible to participate in a special runoff drawing September 10 to become a $50,000 winner. According to James P. Slicher, Director of the Lottery the two are among 18 persons who bought tickets that won $1,000 prizes in the July 19 lottery. No $50,000 winning ticket was sold that week so the money will go to one of the $1,000, second-tier prize winners. “So far, we have received claims from only 16 of the 18 ticket holders,” Mr. Slicher said. “If the other two winners do not come forward to participate in the runoff by noon on September 10, we will appoint surrogates to stand in for them. And if one of them wins, we will hold the money for him for a year; after that period, it will revert to the general fund. “The Carroll Record, August 30, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Four Bodies Returned From France—Eighty eight Maryland World War II dead are among the 5,864 American dead who have been returned to the United States from Europe aboard the United States Army Transport Lawrence Victory. Lt. Colonel C. R. Yost, Chief of the American Graves Registration Division at the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot announced. Armed forces dead originally interred in temporary military cemeteries in France are among those brought back to this country. From New York, the Maryland dead will be shipped to regional Quartermaster distribution centers, where individual military escorts of the same rank, race and arm of service as the deceased will be assigned to escort the caskets to final destination selected by the next of kin. Among the arrivals are two brothers and sons of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hooper, East Main street. They are Cpl. Edward L. Hooper, SN 33,564 113 and Pfc. Robert L. Hooper, SN 33846 674. 2nd Lt. Richard S. Brown, Army, son of Mr. John L. Brown, R. 2, Westminster, Md., S/Sgt. Irvin S. Schaeffer, Army, son of Mr. George L Schaeffer, R. 4, Westminster, Md. Democratic Advocate, August 27, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Farm Bureau and Extension Service News – Farmers Attend Soil Special—The soil special which was put on by the B. & O. R. R. in cooperation with the University of Maryland and the American Lime Association was well attended at its stops in Carroll County. Seventy one samples of soil was tested at Mt. Airy; fifty six at Sykesville; twenty three at Woodstock. Each farmer that did not need lime was given a bag of hydrated and a bulletin on Cold Water Paint which contains the latest formula for mixing white wash. Farmers whose soil needed lime was given two kinds of lime and they could take their choice of ground lime, hydrated lime or pulverized lime stone. The amount varied from 150 pounds to a ton which was enough lime to correct the acidity to one acre of soil. The purpose of the train was to improve the soils through the use of lime along the lines of the B. & O., to show the farmer that there was no difference in the kind of lime applied, providing it was put on in reference of the amount of CaO (calcium oxide) which the kind of lime contains. This was brought out by Dr. McCall in his lecture on
lime. Democratic Advocate, August 31, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Maidensville Items—A fishing party of four gay couples left this place last Wednesday at 7 a.m., for Monocacy bridge, where they succeeded in catching 13 minnows and spending quite a
pleasant day. The party arrived safely home at 9 p.m. Each one expressed himself or herself as having had a grand time notwithstanding the excessive heat. Those who went were Misses Lizzie and Emnas Spielman, Grace Arthur and Stella Mathai, of Baltimore; Messrs. Wm. Bowers, Jas. Waltz, Leonard Gilbert and Robert Arthur, Jr. Democratic Advocate, August 27, 1898.