August 6, 1995

25 Years Ago

Tuition Policy Of School Board Being Continued – The Carroll County Board of Education, at its meeting on July 29, voted to continue its policy on Payment of Tuition for Community College Students. The Board will assume responsibility for partial payment of tuition for Carroll County residents enrolled in community colleges in adjoining Maryland counties. The policy provides that the Board of Education will pay that portion of tuition cost which would normally be absorbed by the home county for its residents, but not to include the tuition costs normally paid by the student or the state. The Board will participate in the tuition costs for courses taken during the regular school year and the summer term for both full and part-time students. For fiscal year 1970 the cost of this program was $46,425 as opposed to $25,508 for fiscal 1969. This dramatic increase resulted from a greatly increased number of students attending community colleges. There are many more students attending community college on a part-time basis. Community Reporter, August 7, 1970.

50 Years Ago

Woodbine – Annual Membership Meeting of Southern States In Howard Hall – Field Day and Picnic – A Field Day and picnic and the Woodbine annual membership meeting of Southern States Cooperative, to which the farming public of the community is invited, will take place Tuesday, August 7, with the Field Day starting at 5 o’clock (EWT) on the Spalding’s lot playgrounds and the business meeting starting at 8 p.m. in the Howard Hall, Woodbine. Mrs. C. E. Harrison, Woodbine, who is general chairman of all Field Day activities, has announced the following competitive events: horseshoe pitching with C. E. Harrison as chairman; softball, Earnest Fleming; egg relay race, Mrs. Earl Palmer, sand bag race, James Dorsey. At the membership meeting at 8 o’clock Charles Wolbert, Sykesville, will preside and make a short talk, explaining the purpose of the meeting. Speakers he will introduce include Rev. Andres Thesz who will lead an open discussion of questions presented by the audience; Fred Fleming who will review the local cooperative program; C. Ray Barnes, whose topic will be “The Necessity for Farm Cooperatives;” Mrs. Charles Wolbert who will outline “Women’s Part in Farm Cooperatives,” and District Manager L. B. Baldwin, Baltimore, who will give the “Annual Report of Southern States Cooperative” and will show the sound movie, “Endless Acres.” Democratic Advocate, August 7, 1945.

75 Years Ago

We have received a complete copy of the Maryland Conservation Laws from E. Lee LeCompte. At the last session of the Legislature a number of the laws were made uniform throughout
the State. It will also be necessary for persons to procure a license from the Clerk of the Court, unless he be the owner or resident of the land, when no license will be necessary. The license fee will cost $1.10 which will entitle him to hunt in the county in which he procures the license, or $5.10 for a State-wide license. A non-resident of this state must pay $10.25. In addition a permit must also be obtained from the owner or tenant on whose grounds it is desired to hunt. There are also bag limits and restrictions on the disposition of game similar to the few past years. For some years there had been two open seasons when it was lawful to kill squirrels. The 1920 law provides for but one open season for killing squirrels, the same as for rabbits and partridges—November 10th to January 1. Union Bridge Pilot, August 6, 1920.

100 Years Ago

The Western Maryland Telephone Company has been delaying the extension of its lines to Union Bridge and Middleburg because a satisfactory franchise could not be obtained from the
authorities of the former place. A franchise was granted for five years, but it was coupled with restrictions that the company has refused to accept. It has finally been determined to pass Union Bridge entirely and the line will be at once extended to Middleburg. We trust an amicable arrangement may soon be reached and the service introduced in the thriving little Carroll county city. We are promised the full text of the franchise referred to above, for publication next week, that the matter may be fully understood by the patrons of the company. American Sentinel, August 3, 1895.