December 31, 1995

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December 31, 1995 25 Years Ago Reminders Sent To Spur Sale Of Xmas Seals - Persons Not Having Contributed To Fund Drive Are Urged To Do So And Help In "Fight For Better Breathing" - Over 8,000 reminder letters have been mailed to the Carroll County residents advising them that there is still time to make [...]

December 24, 1995

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December 24, 1995 25 Years Ago WOMEN'S LIB DAY MARKED BY PUPILS - Sixth grade classes in New Market Elementary School recently observed Women's Liberation Day in an unusual manner. the observance came about as a result of a study of "Social Issues of the 70's" by Miss Judy Bryan's sixth grade class. women's Liberation is [...]

December 17, 1995

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December 17, 1995 25 Years Ago RICHARD N. DIXON SWORN INTO OFFICE - Richard N. Dixon, 32 years of age and the first black man to assume a post on the Carroll County School Board, was sworn into office last week. His appointment was unexpected as his name was not on the list submitted by the [...]

December 10, 1995

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December 10, 1995 25 Years Ago South Carroll School Retains Its Accreditation - Commission Suggests, However That Plans Be Forthcoming To Enlarge Facilities To Accommodate Rapid Population Growth - The Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools has advised Chester G. Elder, principal of South Carroll High School, that favorable action of the Commission has [...]

December 3, 1995

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December 3, 1995 25 Years Ago Gloria Clower Is Named Queen - Gloria Clower was chosen queen of the 1970 Eastern National Livestock Show just completed at the Timonium Fair Grounds at Timonium. Gloria was selected by the judges over the other contestants from Ohio and Pennsylvania. The candidates had to be exhibiting at the 1970 [...]

November 26, 1995

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November 26, 1995 25 Years Ago Shooting Incident Saturday Night Causes Concern-Police Investigating Frightening Experience Reported By Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lohoefer, Of Gillis Falls Road - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lohoefer, Gillis Falls Road, Mt. Airy, were frightened Saturday night when a shot came through the window of the living room where Mrs. Lohoefer was [...]

November 19, 1995

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November 19, 1995 25 Years Ago UNICEF Drive In Local Area Yields $650 - The Rev. R. Gwinn Lacy, 1970 UNICEF Chairman for the Mt. Airy area, has the following excellent report to make: "The 1970 UNICEF drive in the Mt. Airy area has netted so far nearly $650.00. Appreciation is gratefully given to all those [...]

November 12, 1995

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November 12, 1995 25 Years Ago Carroll County YMCA Announces Up-Coming Events-Newcomers To Meet —Safari Club Plans Trip—Bridge And Ballet Lessons Scheduled - The Carroll County YMCA has announced several upcoming events of interest to citizens in the locale. Newcomers—a program designed to meet the needs of the new women who have resided in this community [...]

October 22, 1995

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October 22, 1995 25 Years Ago Many Matters Get Attention Of School Board - Twelfth Grade Students Permitted To Take Part In Political Campaigning - The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Carroll County was held on Wednesday evening, October 7, at 6:30, in Room 304 of the Board of Education Office. The State [...]

October 15, 1995

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October 15, 1995 25 Years Ago Driver Education Program Expected To Attract 1,100 - Nineteen Instructors To Teach Classroom And "Behind-The-Wheel" Phases Of Program - Approximately 1,100 Carroll County high school students are expected to enroll in the driver education program in the 1970-71 school year, according to Leo F. Kuhn, Supervisor of Driver Education. Nineteen [...]


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