October 8, 1995

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October 8, 1995 25 Years Ago Highest Lottery Selection Number For Draft Is 191 - However, Remaining 1970 Draft Calls May Necessitate Going To Higher Number - Local Draft Board No. 40 Executive Secretary Mrs. M. Coroneos and Local Draft Board No. 41 Executive Secretary Mrs. V. Condon announced this week that random selection number 191 [...]

September 24, 1995

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September 24, 1995 25 Years Ago Various Matters Get Attention Of School Board "No-Smoking" Policy For Pupils Is Continued — Football Insurance Made Available - At the September meeting of the Board of Education of Carroll County, the resignation of Terry K. Lawhead, of Mt. Airy Middle School, was accepted. Smoking areas for pupils in school [...]

September 17, 1995

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September 17, 1995 25 Years Ago EDITORIAL - HIJACKERS BEWARE! - The shooting and serious wounding of a man attempting to hijack a Trans World Airlines jetliner at San Francisco is the first warning to would-be sky pirates that it is becoming increasingly unsafe to indulge in this racket. The young white man, demanding that the [...]

September 10, 1995

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September 10, 1995 25 Years Ago Adult Education Program Includes Discussion Group - An adult discussion group will be an innovation this year in the Board of Education's adult education program for the first semester. This group will discuss all facets of controversial issues with special emphasis on issues in Carroll County. The first session will [...]

August 27, 1995

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August 27, 1995 25 Years Ago EDITORIAL- "DISCOUNT " PRICES - Housewives cannot but be amazed at the effrontery of the large supermarket chains which have unleashed a rash of display advertising in the daily press during the past several week calling attention to the fact of their prevailing "discount prices" on their merchandise. An inspection [...]

August 20, 1995

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August 20, 1995 25 Years Ago Public Library Faces Crisis In Giving Service - Demand Is In Unprecedented Increased Volume While Budget Cut Necessitates Curtailment — 27% Increase In Circulation - During fiscal 1970 the Carroll County Public Library provided county residents with more books, magazines, and phonograph records than in any other year in its [...]

August 13, 1995

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August 13, 1995 25 Years Ago Personal - Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. Morris have returned to Harlington, Texas, after spending several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Sherman. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Jenkins, of Mt. Airy, sailed on the S.S. Santa Paula recently for a 13-day Caribbean and South American cruise to Curaccao and [...]

August 6, 1995

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August 6, 1995 25 Years Ago Tuition Policy Of School Board Being Continued - The Carroll County Board of Education, at its meeting on July 29, voted to continue its policy on Payment of Tuition for Community College Students. The Board will assume responsibility for partial payment of tuition for Carroll County residents enrolled in community [...]

July 30, 1995

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July 30, 1995 25 Years Ago Women Voters League Marking 50th 'Birthday' - In launching the League of Women Voters' 50th Anniversary in 1970, President Nixon declared; "For fifty years the League of Women Voters has provided Americans in every state with information on candidates and issues, and it has furnished a non-partisan platform from which [...]

July 23, 1995

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July 23, 1995 25 Years Ago EDITORIAL - TRUCKS AND THE HIGHWAY - Some controversy seems to exist regarding the effect of heavy truck traffic on the nation's highways, officials in some sections claiming that serious damage is being done to roads by the continual hammering of these multi-wheeled behemoths on the road surfaces while in [...]


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