6 January 2002 – Mountain Named for Carroll County Native

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“Mountain Named for Carroll County Native” Carroll County Times article for 6 January 2002 By Jay A. Graybeal Carroll’s landscape is, not surprisingly, filled with geographic names derived from surnames.  Of the eight incorporated towns in the county, Sykesville and Taneytown were named for their founders.  Numerous other villages, crossroads, geographical features and other places were named for [...]

30 December 2001 – H. P. Gorsuch’s Christmas, 1941

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“H. P. Gorsuch’s Christmas, 1941” Carroll County Times article for 30 December 2001 By Jay A. Graybeal An early editor of this newspaper, H. Peyton Gorsuch, expressed his opinions in his First Page Editorial, a lengthy column that frequently concluded on an inside page.  Sixty years ago, he wrote in the December 30 issue about the end [...]

23 December 2001 – What To Do In An Air Raid

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“What To Do In An Air Raid” Carroll County Times article for 23 December 2001 by Jay A. Graybeal Many people have publicly and personally compared the events of September 11th with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.  While there are the obvious differences between a surprise attack by a hostile nation and an international terrorist group, there [...]

16 December 2001 – Don’t Spit in the Meeting House

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“Don’t Spit in the Meeting House” Carroll County Times Article for 16 December 2001 by Jay A. Graybeal In recent years tobacco users have been ostracized and even forbidden to indulge their habit in many public and work places.   Those who think that this is a relatively recent trend may be surprised to learn that chewing tobacco [...]

9 December 2001 – Tales of Lorenzo Dow

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“Tales of Lorenzo Dow” Carroll County Times article for 9 December 2001 By Jay A. Graybeal Shortly after the Historical Society of Carroll County was founded in 1939, the organization co-sponsored a play entitled “Tales of Lorenzo Dow” written by Dorothy Elderdice and Charles Sellers.  The play was performed by the Westminster Players and was centered around [...]

2 December 2001 – History of Snydersburg

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“History of Snydersburg” Carroll County Times Article for 2 December 2001 by Jay A. Graybeal The many unincorporated communities in Carroll County occupy a unique place in local history.  Many places owe their origin to an individual or family that created town lots that attracted residents and businesses.  A brief history of the community of Snydersburg, located in [...]

25 November 2001 – The Death of Colonel Joshua Gist

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“The Death of Colonel Joshua Gist” Carroll County Times Article for 25 November 2001 by Jay A. Graybeal During the early nineteenth century, newspapers usually printed only a brief notice of someone’s death.  The passing of a Revolutionary War or War of 1812 veteran was an exception, however, and the editor usually printed an article about the [...]

18 November 2001 – Devries Paper Mill

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“Devries Paper Mill” Carroll County Times article for 18 November 2001 by Jay A. Graybeal Carroll County’s abundant water supply and fertile ground proved ideal for the establishment of numerous water-powered mills.  A little known chapter in local milling history relates to paper making.  An article, “An Old Paper Mill: A Page in the History of Primitive Paper [...]

11 November 2001 – The First Armistice Day

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“The First Armistice Day” Carroll County Times article for 11 November 2001 By Jay A. Graybeal Americans have observed Veterans Day since President Eisenhower declared the holiday in 1954.  The observance, however, dates to the end of the First World War in 1918.   That war ended with an armistice at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of [...]

4 November 2001 – Forest Home

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“Forest Home” Carroll County Times Article for 4 November 2001 by Jay A. Graybeal The Carroll County landscape is dotted with historic properties dating back to the eighteenth century.  In keeping with longstanding traditions, some early settlers gave their homes a name, a practice that continued well into the nineteenth century.   In some cases, such as the Key [...]


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