February 22, 1998

25 Years Ago

‘Vo-Tech’ Filling Skilled Workman Gap—Ask almost anyone you meet about the problems of getting a plumber when the pump breaks down, a carpenter for that new roof on the garage, or a
body man to repair that dented fender, and they will likely say, “You just can’t get a skilled workman when you really need one”. Carroll County Vo-Tech along with the other vocational courses in the county high schools is helping to supply this need for skilled workmen. At Vo-Tech, skill training is offered in 17 vocations. Students can obtain over 1,000 hours of instruction in their trade under the guidance of master craftsmen, who are their teachers. With this concentrated instruction, including the study of theory and related science along with the practical application in shops and on actual production jobs, students are prepared to go into the trade or into apprenticeships as advanced apprentices. The Carroll Record, February 22, 1973.

50 Years Ago

Our County Commissioners Sued—Vincent A. Tubman, Carroll County Trail Magistrate, asked the Court of Appeals, Annapolis, to order his county Commissioners, Norman R. Hess, Emory
Berwager and Walter Bennett, to pay him $1,920 instead of $1,200 a year. The law sets $1,200 as a minimum salary for the job, but is allows the Commissioners to increase it. Starting in 1945, Tubman’s salary was raised to $1,920. The Commissioners in April 1947, however, set the salary at $1,200 again. When Tubman presented a bill of $160 for services for May, the Commissioners refused to pay it. He sued to force payment. The lower court ruled against him. His attorneys Ralph G. Hoffman and F. Neal Parke, argued the Commissioners had no power under law to lower the salary it had set at $1,920 before. Democratic Advocate, February 27, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Blue Ridge College—The third motion picture entitled “Home Wanted” which was presented Friday night was the best shown thus far. It seems as if they are working up to a climax, for
Friday night James Whitcomb Riley’s “Little Orphan Annie” will be shown. This is one of the most popular pictures ever depicted on the screen. The Girls’ basketball team journeyed to Chambersburg Monday night and lost a hard fought game to the Penn Hall aggregation. The final score was 34 to 10, but the local sextette did not sew up the game until during the last few minutes of play. The second team of Blue Ridge College sent St. John’s Business School down to defeat Saturday night to the tune of 22 to 9. The sterling offense launched by Jones, Zuck and Garber, coupled with the powerful defense of Miller and Warner, could in no way be coped with by the visitors, and they were kept constantly on the defense. Democratic Advocate, February 23, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Melrose Items—On Saturday Mr. Jacob M. Folk, of near here, received from his brother in California, a box of curiosities. The box contained a tarantula, a large spider, whose sting is instant death to a human being; centipede, horned toad, trap door spider, and a piece of orange wood. Your correspondent examined the wood closely, and found that the particles are very closely united, making it a smooth, hard yellow wood. Mr. Folk’s brother just recently moved to California from Illinois, and is now busy picking oranges, and eating them. He wrote that he eats on an average, ten per day. Very few countries can compare with the U. S. in regard to a variety of climate. In the North snow, cold at 40 degrees below zero, and in the West and South, tropical fruits. American Sentinel, February 26, 1898.