February 8, 1998

25 Years Ago

New Windsor Council Agrees On Need of Water Tower—The New Windsor Town Council had a “Citizen’s Hearing” Tuesday night on the proposals to build a $120,000 storage tank for the town’s water system. Considering the specifics of an engineering firm’s offer, in the informal but democratic manner of a New England town meeting, Council members Granville Bixler and Richard Wareheim invited comments from town citizens on every aspect involving building a new 200,000 gallon water storage tank. The basis for the discussion was a proposal submitted by Buchart-Horn engineers that New Windsor enter into a contract with the firm for construction of the much needed water tank. Although questions regarding the site of the tank and the vital matter of funding-whether through a bond issue or with assistance of state or federal funds were not resolved; there was total agreement that in view of low water pressures and increasing costs due to inflation, the tank should be built now. The Carroll Record, February 8, 1973.

50 Years Ago

35 Cars of Two B. and O. Trains Derailed At Watersville—Both tracks of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad main freight line were reported open late Monday night, after being closed since early
Monday morning when 35 cars of two freight trains were derailed just east of Watersville, about a half mile east of Mt. Airy. None of the crewmen were injured but heavy property damage resulted, railroad officials reported. A passenger local from Baltimore Monday evening came as far west as Woodbine and then returned to Baltimore. Passengers for Mt. Airy and way-points were transported by bus. The commuters’ train ran on schedule the next morning. Both east and west tracks on the railroad’s main freight line were blocked by the derailment. Democratic Advocate, February 13, 1948.

75 Years Ago

An Oriental Night—There will be something doing after the regular meeting of Western Maryland Council No. 79, Junior Order United American Mechanics, on Friday night, February 16th. The regular meeting of the council will be held at 7:30 sharp. At 8 o’clock, the Court will assemble to confer the “Oriental” decree. All Juniors in the county, who have got “it” and “know what to do with it” are invited to be present. Special invitation has been extended to the councils at New Windsor, Hampstead, Mechanicsville and Alesia, to be present, and to bring with them candidates to be given the “Oriental.” Any Junior who has not got it would better come and get it. Brothers Mathias, Arbaugh, Shipley and Wampler, the refreshment committee, promise to provide plenty of eats for everybody. Democratic Advocate, February 9, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Frank Garver, a dancing master, who held forth in Harrisburg, Pa., escaped from the lockup at Union Bridge, MD., Saturday night, while Chief of Police Westen was securing requisition
papers at the executive department. Garver, who hails from Maryland, is wanted at Harrisburg on a serious charge, preferred by a young lady of that city, and skipped out before his arrest could be accomplished. Garver is a native of Union Bridge, and when arrested denied the charge. He was locked up in Union Bridge, but on Sunday morning it was found he had escaped. He has not been heard from since. It is believed here that he is not guilty of the charge for which his arrest was ordered. American Sentinel, February 12, 1898.