February 9, 1997

25 Years Ago

Taneytown Shopping Center Rejected By Town Council —The Taneytown Council, faced with their own reservations and petition-bearing residents, turned down the proposed shopping center for Taneytown at their February meeting and drew a caution from developer Robert Bankert to carefully weigh “precedent settling” decisions. The council took a more favorable view toward the proposed apartments. Seven men and two women presented the council with a petition signed by 70 residents, objecting to both the apartments and the shopping center which Jerome Monfred wants to build in Taneytown. Their main objection seemed to be that the shopping center was “too close” to a residential area. They feared increased traffic down Baltimore Street, increased dirt and trash, and lower residential property values. The Carroll Record, February 10, 1972.

50 Years Ago

Junior-Town Meeting From W. H. S. Well Received— Westminster and the surrounding community was very much interested in the Junior Town Meeting broadcasted over Station WBAL on Tuesday afternoon from 1:30 to 2 o’clock. Mr. John Dickman, public relation representative of Station WBAL, assisted by Prof. Gerald Richter, principal of the school, directed the program. In summing up the half-hour discussion, Mr. Eaton said that he felt the main point had been brought out by Thomas Holmes, Jr., when he said, “These things we have said put forth a challenge, a challenge to us; the teen agers of today, who will in the near future have families of their own, and also should strive to rebuild and protect our American Family Life.” Democratic Advocate, February 8, 1947.

75 Years Ago

Basket Ball Notes— The High School and St. John’s teams met in the first annual clash for town and county supremacy in the winter sport Tuesday evening. The high school boys had the
advantage in height but the Catholic boys did not let this worry them. At the end of the first quarter the score stood 7 to 5 in favor of St. John’s. During the second quarter the high school team made a great spurt and ended the first half 21 to 12 in favor of the high school. During the second half each team added 7 points to their score, making the final score 28 to 19 in favor of the high school. This Friday evening Hampstead High will play Westminster High in the Armory. The game will be called at 8 o’clock.Democratic Advocate, February 10, 1922.

100 Years Ago Hog or No Hog— The Burgess and Commissioners of New Windsor, have raised a tempest, and brought down on their own heads a shower of personal abuse, by passing an ordinance excluding hogs from the corporate limits of the town after January 1st, 1898. The ordinance was drawn by the State Board of Health and public notice was given that it would be considered and all taxpayers were invited to be present. Those specially interested failing to appear at the appointed time, and intimating that they would defeat the present incumbents at the annual election, replacing them with others pledged to repeal the obnoxious ordinance, the Burgess and Commissioners unanimously decided to accept the challenge by passing the ordinance and announcing themselves as candidates for reelection. Democratic Advocate, February 6, 1897.