January 26, 1997

25 Years Ago

Marlin Hoff, Richard Grossnickle Tops Among States Young Farmers – Marlin K. Hoff of New Windsor won the top award and a trip to the national Outstanding Young Farmer awards congress March 5-8 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is a dairy science graduate of the University of Maryland. Mr. Hoff received his award at the annual statewide OYF banquet on January 8, when it was held in Waldorf (Charles County) under the sponsorship of the Maryland Jaycees and the Greater Waldorf Chapter. Second runner-up was Richard Grossnickle of Union Bridge. The state’s new Outstanding Young Farmer is 33 years old. He took over management of the family farm two miles southwest of New Windsor in the spring of 1963 when his father suffered a heart attack, and he acquired full ownership the following July 1. The Carroll Record , January 20, 1972.

50 Years Ago

Westminster Farmers Made Town – The Baltimore Sun published last Sunday a sketch furnished by Col. James P. Wharton, U.S.A., and written by Frank Henry of our city—Westminster.
Prominently displayed was Western Maryland College, St. John’s church, parsonage and cemetery and Court House. Among our citizens it narrated upon were Judge Francis Neal Parke, Mayor Joseph L. Mathias and George W. Mather. A sketch picture of each of the above named town’s notables were published with some complimentary wording. The sketch which covered more than a page, contains some very useful history pertaining to our city. Democratic Advocate, January 24, 1947.

75 Years Ago

The reign of the ground hog will begin next Thursday and last for six weeks. It of course remains to be seen what the weather prophet will bring. Another bit of old weather lore comes
February 24, St. Matthias day. According to the old saying: “If he finds ice he’ll break it. If he finds none, he’ll make it.” Union Bridge Pilot, January 27, 1922.

100 Years Ago

Sale of the Lynch Property. George W. Albaugh, trustee of Edward Lynch, sold on Tuesday last, part of the property of Edward Lynch, as follows: To S. K. Herr, 2 pasture lots on old Fairground, about 1 3/4 acres each, at $50 and $64 per acre; to George Noel, lot with house, at $91.75 per acre; to Milton Chew, four lots, $50 per acre; to C. Gloyd Lynch, three pasture lots, two at $30 and one at $25; Miss Florence Crabbs, two building lots, $102.00; W. F. Hunter, lot, 40 feet front, $56; Charles B. Hunter, two lots, at $45 and $57; Grove A Shipley, one lot, $66; Milton Chew, three lots, at $51, $46, $46; J. J. Baumgartner, three lots, two at $41 and one at $46; to Grove A. Shipley, the Montour House, at $3700; Milton Chew, one building lot, $66.67; Mrs. J. D. Crowl, two lots, at $133.33; house and lot on Green street, to Mrs. Cora Lynch, for $2,000; two lots on Liberty street, to Mrs. Catherine Hollinger, at $125.00. The remainder of the property will be sold on Tuesday and Saturday next. Democratic Advocate, January 23, 1897.