January 19, 1997

25 Years Ago

Taneytown Response Favors Proposed Shopping Center – After one week of thinking it over, Taneytown residents have responded with some very definite opinions concerning a shopping
center in their city. The majority are enthusiastic. Some want a shopping center but not in the residential area. Only one reader voted against it. The following are the comments we have received so far: (Yes) “I’m tired of spending my $ in Westminster and Hanover.”; (Yes) “Because we need it in this town in order to go and buy the things that are necessary and available, especially ready made clothing.”; (Yes) “Because every time you go shopping you have to run to Hanover or Westminster to buy things, when you could go here in your own home town; and (it) would make Taneytown grow and make more jobs, too.” The Carroll Record , January 13, 1972.

50 Years Ago

Baby Rationing is Here – Dear Editor: Since my letter to you of January 3rd, 1947, in which I stressed the difficulty of obtaining beds for patients in nearby hospitals—Frederick, Hanover, and Baltimore, one of the large hospitals in Baltimore has notified a Carroll county physician that he may have only one Maternity Bed a month in that hospital. This physician has been allowed privileges and has been shown every courtesy by this hospital for a number of years. The reason for this rationing is the enormous number of maternity cases seeking to use the existing hospital facilities. All of the other nearby hospitals are just as jam packed, but have not, as yet, started to ration the physicians on their maternity cases. The Maternity Hospital of the proposed Veterans Memorial Medical Center would aid in keeping up this fight against “death at birth” by providing proper facilities for childbirth and trained personnel to take care of the new born baby. Again the Carroll County War Memorial Fund Committee is urged to build the small Maternity Hospital and Accident Room in the proposed Veterans Memorial
Medical Center. Respectfully yours, C. L. BILLINGSLEA, M.D. Democratic Advocate, January 1, 1947.

75 Years Ago

Murray Eyler and F. C. Lindsay had some experience last Saturday evening while returning from Baltimore in an automobile. All went well until they encountered some deep snow drifts between Uniontown and Bark Hill when the machine refused to go in any direction except downward. After walking some distance a telephone was reached and help was telephoned for. A boy and a horse arrived in due time and after it was fully demonstrated that one horse and one set of harness was insufficient to dislodge the machine, which was then left in the snow-bank until Sunday morning, the occupants walked to town. Union Bridge Pilot, January 20, 1922.

100 Years Ago

“Pinafore.” – The rehearsals of Gilbert & Sullivan’s opera, “Pinafore,” are in full swing. Considerable difficulty in the matter of cast has been overcome, and, as a matter of fact obstacles
seemed to spring up at every turn. In the first place the College faculty took a position inhibitive of any students taking part because of the necessary interruption to studies, therefore the two fine tenors from that point were out of the question. Then the leading tenor of St. Paul’s Church, Baltimore, who had consented to sing, met with a deplorable accident and is laid up for repairs. In spite of these, the opera is being rehearsed with care and to the initiated gives every indication of being a delightful performance. There is a chorus of 30 voices, and when the curtain rises on 15 pretty girls in quaint costumes the audience will be repaid, if no music is heard. But music will be heard, and fine music at that, and “Pinafore” will be rendered in fine style. It is a good thing. Democratic Advocate, January 16, 1897.