January 12, 1997

25 Years Ago

Taneytown Library Notes – 1971 is now history, and the staff of the Taneytown Library wishes to thank each friend who helped make the past year another milestone in their effort to serve
the community with reading materials. Once again, library circulation is shown an increase over the past year! During 1971 approximately 27,000 books, magazines and records were placed in circulation. Many new faces have appeared at the library requesting library cards and the staff looks forward to an even greater year. Your use of the library is our guarantee that our town is growing and progressing forward. Every family is welcome to use the library as long as books are returned promptly when they are due. The Carroll Record , January 6, 1972.

50 Years Ago

SELECT MEMORIAL FOR UNION BRIDGE – The memorial committee of the Union Bridge Chamber of Commerce has selected the memorial which it plans to erect at the Elmer A. Wolfe High school, Union Bridge, in honor of the men and women of Union Bridge District who served in World Wars I and II. It will be a V-shaped type memorial with three granite stones interlocked, the center stone being two and a half feet wide and about six and a half feet high and it will be placed in front of the flag pole on the school lawn. At the top of this stone an eagle will be inscribed in relief and below it the dedication. The other two stones will parallel the cement walks leading to the two entrances to the school building. They will be about 4 1/2 by 5 feet, locked to the center stone and in front of each of these two stones there will be a granite seat. At the top of these stones four insignias of the various branches of the service will be inscribed and below it the names of the service men and women will be sand blasted. Democratic Advocate, January 10, 1947.

75 Years Ago

One of the worst snow storms for several years visited this section on Wednesday piling the snow quite deep in many places notwithstanding the fact that it was very heavy and accompanied
the rain at times. Telephone lines suffered considerably. Many poles being broken down by the weight. The electric line between here and Hagerstown also sharing in the trouble and we were without current during the afternoon. Our trouble men had even worse experience; first starting out in “Lizzie” but after following the line for mile or more were obliged to return. Next they left in a sleigh drawn by a pair of mules, which upon encountering a 4 or 5-foot snow drift as is customary with these animals, indulged in the rolling stunt. After several of these demonstrations, the cross-piece, single trees and clips were broken. They were next unhitched and led out of the deep snow and the vehicle pulled and carried to them where emergency repairs were made before hitching up when the return trip was made without finding any trouble on the local Company’s lines. Later, when the current was turned on it was found
that all lines were working perfectly. Union Bridge Pilot, January 13, 1922.

100 Years Ago Mr. Joseph D. Zepp, druggist, at the West End, Westminster, had one of his show windows ornamented with a Christmas scene, with cotton representing snow. Last Saturday in striking a parlor match the head flew off and ignited the cotton, causing considerable blaze and doing damage to the extent of $20. The property is insured in the North British and Northern Company, James E. Smith, agent. The property is owned by Mr. John L. Reifsnider. Democratic Advocate, January 9, 1897.