January 5, 1997

25 Years Ago

Theft Leads County Crime—There were 181 breakings-and-enterings reported to State Police at the county’s Westminster barracks during 1971 according to figures from Lt. Koontz of the
barracks. The Lt. said there were 425 cases of larceny reported 37 cases of auto theft, and three burglaries. Narcotics cases came to 28. There were 27 reported cases of forgery; three rapes, seven cases of aggravated assault; two of assault; two of assault with intent to murder; and one case of manslaughter with a motor vehicle. The state police report one case of malicious burning, 24 cases of attempted suicide, six suicides, one case of embezzlement, one accidental shooting, two cases of shoplifting and one kidnapping. The Carroll Record , January 6, 1972.

50 Years Ago

Medical Society For Maternity Hospital Here – THEY APPROVE WAR FUND COMMITTEE TO BUILD HOME TYPE OF MATERNITY HOSPITAL AND ACCIDENT ROOM FOR CARROLL COUNTY – To the Editor: The Carroll County Medical Society is on record as approving a Maternity hospital at Westminster as a proper memorial to the men and women of Carroll County who served during World War II. Many of the physicians who are engaged in the active practice of medicine in this community feel that the Carroll County Medical Society’s proposal for a small Maternity Hospital and Accident Room has NOT been given the proper consideration by the Carroll County War Memorial Fund Committee. During the past year, the Carroll County War Fund Committee has not had the advice of any practicing physician. The doctors who have attended their meetings and presumably guided them in reaching their decision on this medical matter, are all state employed doctors on salaries;—doctors who do not practice medicine, but who are administrators or health officers. They are fine men in their line, but they do not have to wrestle with accident problems, or maternity cases. They do not know, at first hand, the urgent need for some type of facilities for the proper treatment of emergency cases or for some arrangement for temporary care of them. Respectfully yours, C. L. Billingslea, M.D.Democratic Advocate, January 3, 1947.

75 Years Ago

TANEYTOWN – For the past several days a strange men has been parading our streets and begging from house to house, and scaring our citizens, and some of them became so alarmed as to
communicate with Westminster, and last evening the Sheriff paid our town a visit and took him a joy ride. Several days before the attempted bank robbery, the same man was seen in town, acting in the same manner. Union Bridge Pilot, January 6, 1922.

100 Years Ago

Old Men’s Day at New Windsor – Our genial proprietor, Mr. S. A. Crabbs, having recently taken possession of the new addition to the Windsor House, gave a royal banquet to his many friends on Tuesday, December 29th, of which one hundred and twenty-six persons partook. There were 18 from among the oldest men present seated at the first table whose total ages were 1832 years, an average of 74 years. This is said to be the largest gathering of old men that has ever assembled on a like occasion within New Windsor District, of which they are all residents. Among those present from outside the district were Joseph D. Brooks, of Westminster, Messrs. David Ott and James Reindollar, of Taneytown, and others. It would require too much space to give the names of all the gentlemen from New Windsor and vicinity; suffice it to say they compose the greater portion of the most prominent business and professional men. The affair proved an occasion of genuine enjoyment for all the guests, and is onlyanother manifestation of the hospitality and large heartedness for which the host is so justly noted. The menu consisted of oysters, turkey, chicken, &C. [As some accounts of this sent out are incorrect, we are assured that this is the only true one—Eds..] Democratic Advocate, January 2, 1897.