July 19, 1998

25 Years Ago

Southern States Marks 50 years This Summer—Farmer-members of Southern States Cooperative will observe the 50th anniversary of the organization at a series of local annual meetings
across 5 states this summer. The meeting for the local area is scheduled to be held August 14, at Big Pipe Creek Park. Southern States Cooperative was originally founded in Richmond, Va., and opened its doors for business July 1, 1923. Today, it serves over 243,000 farmer-members in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Service was first extended into Maryland in 1934. Southern States, Taneytown, which offers local service on Southern States supplies, was organized in 1942. During the past fiscal year (1972-73), it had a dollar volume of over $1,100,000. The local cooperative serves approximately 700 farmer-members. Among the first local points to be served in the state were Westminster, Bel Air, Hampstead, Mt. Airy, Cardiff and Denton. The Carroll Record, July 19, 1973.

50 Years Ago

More Army Heroes Returning—Remains of 4,383 Americans who lost their lives during World War II have been returned to the United States from Europe aboard the United States Army
Transport Oglethorpe Victory, the Department of the Army announced. Armed forces dead original[ly] interred in temporary military cemeteries in France and Belgium are among those brought back to this county. Under the program for final burial of World War II dead, next of kin may elect to have remains returned to the United States for burial in a private or national cemetery, or may request interment in a permanent American military cemetery overseas or a private cemetery in a foreign country which is the homeland of the deceased or of the next of kin. The following from Carroll county are among them: Cpl. David E. Evans, served in the Army. He is a son of Mrs. David C. Evans, Patapsco. Pvt. Charles W. Hann served in the Army. His is a son of Annie E. Smith, Cedarhurst. Pvt. Bruce S. Keeney served in the Army. He is a son of Ephriam E. Keeney, Keymar. Democratic Advocate, July 16, 1948.

75 Years Ago

Gov. Ritchie To Attend—Every body in Carroll County has heard of the “Dutch Picnic,” and most of the people of the county have attended it at one time or another during the past 50 years. The annual date is the first Saturday in August. The various committees of Trinity Lutheran Church, Deer Park road, are planning for a big time on August 4th. There will be the usual games for the children, with prizes for all participants; refreshment stand, with ice cream, soft drinks, sandwiches and candy. There will be a platform program of music and recitations by the Sunday school, and a base ball game between the Gamber and Reese Clubs. The Patriotic Order Sons of America Band of Pleasant Valley will furnish the music. A unigue feature of the “Dutch Picnic,” which in measure accounts for its sustained popularity through the years is the fact that no fakirs are allowed on or near the picnic grove, there is no solicitation of money from visitors for any purpose whatever; and no raffling or games of chance of any kind. His Excellency Governor Albert C. Ritchie has accepted an invitation to be address in the afternoon.
Attorney General Armstrong was also invited, but a previous engagement will prevent his being present. Democratic Advocate, July 20, 1923.

100 Years Ago

Serious Accident—Robert Grossnickle, living near Taylorsville, while out driving last Sunday evening, in company with William Cover, met with a severe accident. Mr. Grossnickle had fed his horse, and he and Mr. Cover were sitting in the buggy while the animal was feeding. The horse started off, and having no bit in his mouth with which to be guided, Mr. Grossnickle jumped on his back. This still more frightened the horse and he ran to one side of the road and against a barbed wire fence. Mr. Grossnickle fell off, his head striking against a stone and he became unconscious in which condition he remained for some hours. He was taken to Mr. Nicholas Wood’s house, near the scene of the accident. Democratic Advocate, July 16, 1898.